1965 Mercury Comet: Unveiling American Muscle’s Hidden Gem

Welcome to the world of classic American muscle cars, where raw power, timeless design, and automotive heritage converge. In this journey, we set our sights on a true gem of the era – the 1965 Mercury Comet. Often overlooked amidst its more prominent counterparts, the Mercury Comet stands as a hidden treasure in the landscape of muscle car history. In this exploration, we delve into the captivating allure of this remarkable automobile, shedding light on its powerful performance, distinctive style, and the enduring legacy it carved for itself in the annals of automotive excellence. Join us as we unveil the secrets of the 1965 Mercury Comet, a true revelation of American muscle’s hidden gem.

The 1965 Mercury Comet: A Classic Car Gem

The 1965 Mercury Comet holds a special place in the hearts of car collectors and enthusiasts. Its timeless design, reminiscent of an era filled with elegance and charm, makes it an iconic classic car. The Comet’s vintage appeal combined with modern upgrades make it a sought-after gem in the automotive world.

This particular 1965 Mercury Comet found its way to Southern Motors through a local car enthusiast. A 2019 body-up restoration has breathed new life into this beauty, preserving its original Arizona body, which is a testament to its solid build.

The Impressive Restoration and Design

The restoration process of this Mercury Comet was meticulously carried out by a skilled team in a Fab shop. Every step of the restoration was executed with precision and care, ensuring that the car’s original beauty was faithfully brought back to life. From the bodywork to the engine, no detail was overlooked, resulting in a flawless restoration that honors the car’s heritage and showcases its timeless appeal.

The polar white exterior of the Mercury Comet, complemented by a striking red interior, gives this classic muscle car an eye-catching and sophisticated appearance. The combination of colors not only accentuates the car’s sleek lines but also reflects the elegance and boldness of the era’s automotive design. The attention to detail in the restoration is evident in every aspect of the car, from the smooth and flawless paintwork to the meticulously upholstered interior, leaving no room for nitpicking and ensuring a truly exceptional final product.

This restored Mercury Comet serves as a testament to the dedication and passion of the team that brought it back to its former glory. Preserving its original beauty while enhancing its visual impact, this hidden gem stands as a true representation of American muscle car excellence. Whether on display at a car show or cruising down the streets, the 1965 Mercury Comet’s flawless restoration and striking appearance continue to captivate enthusiasts and reaffirm its place in the pantheon of classic muscle cars.

Performance Upgrades: Power and Agility

What truly sets this 1965 Mercury Comet apart is its performance upgrades. Under the hood, it houses a formidable 302 Roush built roller engine, a powerhouse that boasts an impressive 400 horsepower. This upgraded engine not only delivers jaw-dropping acceleration but also emits a thunderous roar that echoes the car’s muscle car heritage. Combined with a Tremec five-speed transmission, this Mercury Comet offers a thrilling driving experience with precise gear changes and optimal power delivery.

Not stopping there, the Comet’s performance is further enhanced by the installation of a Mustang two front suspension. This suspension upgrade provides improved handling and stability, allowing the car to handle curves and corners with ease and precision. The combination of these performance enhancements elevates the 1965 Mercury Comet to a new level, transforming it from a classic cruiser into a true American muscle car that demands attention on the road. Whether you’re revving it up on the racetrack or cruising along the open highway, this Comet delivers exceptional power and agility, setting it apart as a force to be reckoned with among its muscle car counterparts.

Experiencing the Drive of a Lifetime

Driving this 1965 Mercury Comet is an experience like no other. With its tight and responsive handling, the car glides effortlessly, ensuring a thrilling ride for any driving enthusiast. The Phi Tech fuel injection system ensures smooth performance, making it an absolute joy to cruise in.

Apart from its stunning performance, the Mercury Comet is adorned with well-preserved chrome and stainless-steel elements, adding a touch of class to its appearance. American Racing torque thrust wheels complete the retro look, making it a standout on any road.

A Closer Look Inside: Cabin Features

Stepping into the Comet’s cabin, you’ll find an immaculate interior that exudes a sense of authenticity. The original sill plates and bench seats have been meticulously preserved, showcasing the car’s vintage charm and historical significance. The interior of the 1965 Mercury Comet captures the essence of its era, transporting passengers back to a time when style and comfort were paramount in automotive design.

While the car was initially a factory three-speed model, it has been thoughtfully upgraded and converted into a Tremec five-speed transmission. This conversion not only adds to the car’s overall driving pleasure but also enhances its performance on the road. The addition of the Tremec five-speed transmission allows for smoother gear changes and a more engaging driving experience. It transforms the Comet into a more dynamic and responsive vehicle, making every drive a truly enjoyable adventure.

This blend of preserved authenticity and thoughtful upgrades makes the 1965 Mercury Comet a unique and desirable classic muscle car. Its immaculate interior reflects the car’s historical significance, while the conversion to a Tremec five-speed transmission enhances its modern driving appeal. Whether you’re admiring its vintage charm or experiencing its improved performance, the 1965 Mercury Comet proves to be a timeless gem that continues to captivate classic car enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Ensuring Safety and Handling

The 1965 Mercury Comet not only offers power but also prioritizes safety. Equipped with advanced features such as power rack and pinion steering, this classic muscle car delivers precise and responsive handling, ensuring a secure and confident ride. The power front disc brakes provide reliable and efficient stopping power, giving the driver greater control in various driving conditions. These safety enhancements contribute to a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience, reassuring passengers that they are in a car that values their well-being.

To further enhance safety and stability, the Comet is equipped with an independent front suspension (IFS). This front suspension system offers improved ride comfort and better handling characteristics, providing a smooth and balanced driving experience. The IFS front suspension also helps reduce road vibrations and enhances overall stability, making the 1965 Mercury Comet a well-rounded muscle car that excels not only in power but also in safety.

The thoughtful combination of power and safety features in the 1965 Mercury Comet exemplifies the car’s commitment to delivering an exceptional driving experience. With its power rack and pinion steering, power front disc brakes, and IFS front suspension, this hidden gem of a muscle car proves to be not only a thrilling ride but also a reliable and secure companion on the road, solidifying its place as an enduring classic in the world of American muscle cars.


The 1965 Mercury Comet stands as a testament to automotive excellence and passion for classic cars. Its timeless design, combined with impressive performance upgrades, makes it a sought-after treasure for car enthusiasts. If you’re looking for a unique and thrilling driving experience, the 1965 Mercury Comet might just be your perfect match.

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