1004 HP All Motor ’69 Chevelle: Performance Redefined

The 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle is an iconic muscle car that has been the dream of many car enthusiasts. The Chevelle is known for its power, performance, and sleek design. In this article, we will explore the story of a 1969 Chevelle that has been fitted with a 632 ci Big Block Chevy Crate Engine. We will discuss the features, performance, and design of the engine and how it has transformed this classic muscle car into a powerhouse.

The Story of the ’69 Chevelle

The story of this particular Chevelle began around seven years ago when the current owner bought it off of eBay. It broke down in front of the dealership where the owner was working at the time, and they were asked to fix it. They opened up the car and found that it needed a lot of work. After they fixed it up, they started showing it at car shows and saw that it was gaining traction. This led to the idea of opening up their own shop, which they did. They bought property and expanded, and their business partner encouraged them to go big. This led them to come across Speed Tech, a company that makes high-performance suspension and chassis components.

Performance and Power

The 632 ci Big Block Chevy Crate Engine is capable of producing an impressive 1004 horsepower. The engine has a maximum RPM of 7,000, and it uses hydraulic lifters. The sound that the engine produces at RPM is truly remarkable, and it is comparable to that of a Pro Stock engine. The engine is also capable of producing an enormous amount of torque, which is necessary for a muscle car like the Chevelle.

Features of the Engine

The 632 ci Big Block Chevy Crate Engine is a masterpiece of engineering. The engine features a spread port design top end that is unmatched in the industry. The engine also features hydraulic lifters and a 1004 horsepower rating. The engine is also designed to be durable and reliable, which is essential for a street car.


The transmission is a crucial component of any high-performance vehicle, and the ’69 Chevelle is no exception. To handle the massive 1004 horsepower generated by the All Motor engine, this Chevelle is equipped with a custom-built Turbo 400 transmission. The Turbo 400 is a three-speed automatic transmission known for its strength and durability, making it an excellent choice for a high-powered muscle car like this one. The transmission is also equipped with a manual valve body, which allows the driver to manually shift gears for a more engaging driving experience.

Suspension and Brakes

To complement the powerful engine and transmission, the ’69 Chevelle is also equipped with a high-performance suspension and braking system. The suspension system has been completely overhauled and upgraded with a custom-built coilover setup, tubular control arms, and a sway bar. This setup provides excellent handling and stability at high speeds, making it easy to control the car even when pushing it to its limits.


Inside the ’69 Chevelle, the focus is on function over form. The interior is stripped down and features only the essentials, such as racing seats, a roll cage, and a custom dashboard with a digital display. The seats are designed to keep the driver and passenger securely in place during high-speed maneuvers, and the roll cage provides additional safety in the event of an accident. The digital dashboard provides important information such as speed, RPMs, and oil pressure, giving the driver the feedback they need to stay in control of the car.


The ’69 Chevelle’s exterior is a mix of classic muscle car styling and modern performance enhancements. The car features a custom two-tone paint job with a glossy black finish on the body and a matte black finish on the hood and trunk. The body has been modified with a cowl induction hood, front and rear spoilers, and a custom grille. These modifications not only enhance the car’s appearance but also improve its aerodynamics and cooling performance.


In conclusion, the 1004 hp All Motor ’69 Chevelle is a true masterpiece of automotive engineering. The combination of a custom-built All Motor engine, Turbo 400 transmission, high-performance suspension and braking system, and stripped-down interior makes this car a true performance machine. The exterior modifications add to the car’s aggressive and imposing presence, making it clear that this is not your average muscle car. With its combination of power, handling, and style, the ’69 Chevelle is a dream car for any true muscle car enthusiast.

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