1964 Bel Air Wagon

The LS swapped 1964 Bel Air Wagon is a unique and eye-catching car that combines classic design with modern performance. This article explores the story behind the car, the engine and transmission swap, the exhaust system, wheels and tires, suspension modifications, the patina paint and custom roof, the interior, and the overall appeal of this impressive vehicle.

The Story Behind the Car

Billy, the owner of the LS swapped 1964 Bel Air Wagon, stumbled upon this car in Ocala and immediately fell in love with its patina and vintage charm. Being a fan of 1964 Chevy cars and station wagons, Billy couldn’t resist the allure of this particular vehicle. Moreover, the decision to purchase the car was influenced by the desire to involve the entire family in a new project, continuing a tradition of car enthusiasm passed down through generations.

LS Engine and Transmission

Billy embarked on infusing the Bel Air Wagon with modern power and reliability by opting for an LS engine and transmission swap. Drawing from his previous experience with LS swaps, he carefully selected a stock LS motor sourced from a 2001 Chevy Silverado. However, some modifications were necessary to ensure a proper fit into the car. This involved making adjustments such as installing headers, an f-body intake, and an oil pan. These modifications not only facilitated the engine’s installation but also contributed to its overall performance and dependability.

In addition to the engine swap, Billy also paid attention to enhancing the transmission of the Bel Air Wagon. The 4-speed automatic 4L60E transmission underwent a thorough rebuild to ensure optimal functionality and durability. Furthermore, it was equipped with a shift kit to improve its shifting performance. This enhancement not only increased the longevity of the transmission but also enhanced the overall driving experience of the Bel Air Wagon.

The combination of the LS engine and the upgraded 4L60E transmission brought a new level of power and reliability to the Bel Air Wagon. The LS engine provided a modern powertrain solution, delivering improved performance and dependability compared to the original engine. Paired with the enhanced transmission, the Bel Air Wagon now offered a smooth and responsive driving experience, making it a formidable contender on the road.

Exhaust System and Sound

The LS swapped Bel Air Wagon features a unique exhaust system designed to deliver a nostalgic sound reminiscent of classic muscle cars. Billy opted for glass pack mufflers, which enhance the rumble and deep tone of the engine. The exhaust system is routed to dump in front of the rear tires, providing an aggressive look and adding to the overall aesthetic appeal of the car.

Wheels, Tires, and Suspension

To create an authentic classic low rider appearance, the Bel Air Wagon is equipped with 14-inch cross lace Daytons, meticulously chosen to perfectly complement the car’s vintage style. These iconic wheels not only add a touch of sophistication but also capture the essence of a bygone era, evoking nostalgia and admiration.

Adding to its vintage allure, the Bel Air Wagon showcases the timeless charm of 520 Coker tires. These specially selected tires not only provide reliable traction but also give the vehicle an unmistakable old-school look with their distinguished white sidewalls. The combination of the cross lace Daytons and the 520 Coker tires creates a striking aesthetic that turns heads and pays homage to the rich heritage of classic low riders.

To achieve the desired stance and adjustability, an air ride suspension system has been meticulously installed. This cutting-edge system allows for effortless control over the car’s height, enabling it to sit low while cruising the streets or to be raised for practical purposes. The air ride suspension not only ensures a comfortable and smooth ride by absorbing bumps and road imperfections but also allows the driver to customize the vehicle’s appearance and driving experience to their preference.

The suspension modifications on the Bel Air Wagon serve a dual purpose. They not only enhance the car’s performance and ride quality but also play a vital role in maintaining its unique presence on the road. By lowering the vehicle’s ride height, the air ride suspension system adds an element of distinction and individuality, setting the Bel Air Wagon apart from the ordinary. It commands attention, oozes style, and embodies the spirit of classic low riders, making a statement wherever it goes.

In conclusion, the combination of the 14-inch cross lace Daytons, 520 Coker tires with white sidewalls, and the air ride suspension system work harmoniously to create a classic low rider appearance for the Bel Air Wagon. It’s a testament to the meticulous attention to detail, timeless style, and dedication to capturing the essence of the golden age of automotive culture.

The Patina Paint and Roof

Preserving the original patina of the Bel Air Wagon was a top priority for Billy in order to retain its authentic vintage character. To achieve this, he carefully applied penetrol, a protective sealant that not only preserved the existing patina but also enhanced its appearance. The result was a weathered yet well-preserved look that showcased the car’s history and added to its vintage charm.

In addition to the preservation efforts, Billy decided to incorporate a touch of customization to make the Bel Air Wagon truly unique. Inspired by the traditional low rider style, he added a custom metal flake roof. This eye-catching feature elevated the car’s visual appeal and served as a nod to the classic customization techniques synonymous with the low rider culture. The combination of the preserved patina and the custom roof created a visually stunning aesthetic that set the Bel Air Wagon apart.

The careful balance between preserving the original patina and adding a custom touch through the metal flake roof resulted in a Bel Air Wagon that exuded character and individuality. It honored the car’s vintage roots while incorporating a touch of personalization. This unique combination of patina and custom roof not only added visual interest but also showcased Billy’s attention to detail and his passion for creating a truly one-of-a-kind vehicle.

Interior and Gauges

The interior of the LS swapped Bel Air Wagon strikes a balance between vintage aesthetics and modern elements. The upholstery embraces a timeless white and green color scheme, reminiscent of the classic street rod style that captures the essence of the car’s era. This carefully chosen color combination adds a touch of nostalgia and enhances the overall vintage atmosphere within the cabin.

To infuse a modern touch into the interior, Billy opted for some contemporary upgrades. One notable addition is the Moon Eyes steering wheel, which not only offers a comfortable grip but also serves as a statement piece. Its distinctive design adds a dash of uniqueness and showcases Billy’s attention to detail in selecting accessories that align with the car’s overall aesthetic.

In terms of functionality and visual appeal, digital gauges were installed. These modern gauges provide accurate and easy-to-read information, ensuring that the driver can stay informed about the car’s performance. Additionally, the digital display adds a contemporary element to the instrument panel, seamlessly blending the old and the new.

The combination of vintage-inspired upholstery, the Moon Eyes steering wheel, and the digital gauges creates an interior that pays homage to the Bel Air Wagon’s roots while incorporating modern conveniences. This harmonious fusion of past and present elements ensures a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience, marrying classic style with modern functionality.


The LS swapped 1964 Bel Air Wagon is a testament to the owner’s passion for cars and their desire to create a one-of-a-kind vehicle that seamlessly blends classic design with modern performance. From the LS engine and transmission swap to the custom exhaust system, wheels, and suspension modifications, every aspect of this car has been carefully chosen and executed to create a truly remarkable automobile.

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