1965 Ford Mustang Restomod: The Perfect Blend of Vintage and Modern

Welcome back, folks! I’m Greg, and today we have the privilege of introducing you to the epitome of automotive excellence—the 1965 Ford Mustang Restomod. This car is an exceptional blend of vintage charm and contemporary innovation. Prepare to be captivated as we explore the remarkable features that make this Mustang a showstopper.

Exterior Features

Let’s start our journey by admiring the exterior of this exceptional machine. The first thing that catches your eye is the striking black paint, which is as smooth as glass. To enhance its aggressive look, a custom metal hood scoop has been incorporated, paying homage to the iconic Shelby design. The fitment of every component is impeccable, and the bumper has been skillfully tucked and shaved for a seamless appearance. A unique custom grill and a peaked-out lower balance further elevate the car’s aesthetic appeal.

As we glide along the sides, the sharpness of the Mustang’s silhouette becomes evident. The stance of this car is absolutely phenomenal, thanks to its 17-inch custom wheels and four-wheel disc brakes. Notice the subtle yet stylish flat black stripe that adds an extra touch of design flair. The precision in the door alignment is remarkable, and the quarter windows borrowed from a GT350 are a cool nod to Mustang heritage.

Interior Highlights

Now let’s step inside and experience the exquisite interior of this Mustang Restomod. The first thing you’ll notice is the dash, which will bring back memories of the classic 1967 Mustang. It’s a familiar sight that exudes nostalgia. The chrome accents gleam, and the wood steering wheel adds a touch of elegance. The 1967 seats provide comfort and a vintage vibe. Keep an eye on the fold-down back seat—it’s a unique feature that adds practicality and versatility to this Mustang.

As you explore the interior further, you’ll appreciate the attention to detail. Every trim piece is in impeccable condition, and the headliner exudes sophistication. The chrome elements on the dash appear brand new, complementing the wood steering wheel and the tilt column. From the brand new carpeting to the seat belts and door jambs, no aspect of this interior has been overlooked. It’s a feast for the eyes and a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship behind this restoration.

Under the Hood

Let’s pop the hood and get a glimpse of the heart that beats within this magnificent machine. Nestled under the hood is a potent 331 stroker engine. This 302-based powerplant has been expertly built to deliver exhilarating performance.

To ensure efficient fuel delivery, an eight-stack setup, featuring multi-port fuel injection controlled by Fast Fuel, has been integrated. The engine bay is a sight to behold, with polished components that sparkle like jewels. The attention to detail is evident, from the aftermarket front suspension to the serpentine setup, leaving no doubt that this Mustang is a showpiece.

Performance and Handling

A car of this caliber is not just about looks—it’s built to perform. The Mustang Restomod offers a thrilling driving experience, combining classic muscle with modern handling. The 331 stroker engine unleashes a symphony of power, propelling the car with authority.

Equipped with a five-speed manual transmission (TKO 600), this Mustang ensures smooth gear transitions and effortless highway cruising. The inclusion of rack and pinion steering, reminiscent of the Mustang II, provides precise control and enhances the car’s nimble nature.

Additional Features

Beyond its striking appearance and exhilarating performance, the 1965 Ford Mustang Restomod boasts several additional features that make it a truly exceptional vehicle. The rear valance, inspired by the 1967 Mustang, adds a unique touch.

Meanwhile, the drilled and slotted rotors, along with disc brakes on all four wheels, ensure confident stopping power. Underneath, the frame members are in excellent condition, and the meticulously painted floorboards showcase the level of care invested in this restoration.


In conclusion, the 1965 Ford Mustang Restomod is a testament to automotive artistry and engineering excellence. With its breathtaking exterior, luxurious interior, and impressive performance capabilities, this Mustang stands in a league of its own. The craftsmanship and attention to detail exhibited in every aspect of this car are a testament to the passion and dedication of the builders.

If you’re searching for the ultimate combination of classic style and modern performance, this 1965 Ford Mustang Restomod should be at the top of your list. Prepare to turn heads and create unforgettable memories with a car that epitomizes automotive greatness.

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