1968 Dodge Dart GTS: A Rare Piece of Automotive History

Welcome to our in-depth review of the iconic 1968 Dodge Dart GTS. In this article, we’ll explore the rich history, remarkable features, and undeniable allure of this extraordinary vehicle. Prepare yourself for a journey back in time as we delve into the captivating story behind this classic automobile.

The Origins of the 1968 Dodge Dart GTS

The 1968 Dodge Dart GTS emerged during a remarkable era in automotive history, a time when American muscle cars held an unparalleled dominance over the industry. It was an era marked by groundbreaking innovations and fierce rivalries among automobile manufacturers vying for supremacy on the roads. In the midst of this intense competition, Dodge introduced the Dart GTS—a vehicle that perfectly encapsulated the desires of car enthusiasts seeking high-performance automobiles that seamlessly combined power, style, and affordability.

During the late 1960s, there was a palpable shift in consumer preferences, with a growing demand for cars that exuded power and performance. The Dart GTS was Dodge’s response to this evolving market landscape. It embodied the essence of what muscle cars represented—an amalgamation of strength, speed, and sleek aesthetics. It boasted an impressive combination of raw power and eye-catching design, capturing the attention and admiration of drivers who craved an exhilarating driving experience.

Exquisite Design and Styling

The exterior design of the 1968 Dodge Dart GTS is a masterclass in muscular aesthetics that perfectly embodies the spirit of its era. Every aspect of its design exudes a sense of power, elegance, and raw energy. From its sleek lines to its bold contours and aggressive stance, the Dart GTS demands attention and leaves a lasting impression wherever it goes.

One of the first things that catches the eye is the Dart GTS’s unmistakable silhouette. Its streamlined profile and aerodynamic shape are not only visually appealing but also contribute to its exceptional performance on the road. The car’s designers meticulously sculpted the body to reduce drag and enhance its overall efficiency, allowing the Dart GTS to effortlessly slice through the air with minimal resistance.

Unleashing the Power: Engine and Performance

Under the hood of the 1968 Dodge Dart GTS resides a true powerhouse that sets this car apart from the rest. The heart and soul of this legendary muscle car is its matching numbers 383 cubic inch V8 engine. Renowned for its formidable power and performance, this engine is a testament to Dodge’s commitment to delivering exhilarating driving experiences.

The 383 cubic inch V8 engine is a marvel of engineering, meticulously crafted to unleash the full potential of the Dart GTS. It is a testament to the era’s pursuit of raw power and speed, as well as the desire to dominate the open road. With each press of the accelerator, the engine roars to life, unleashing an intoxicating symphony of power that resonates with every car enthusiast.

Driving Experience and Handling

The 1968 Dodge Dart GTS is not just about raw power and speed—it also offers a captivating and precise driving experience that truly engages the driver. Dodge designed the Dart GTS to provide a connection between the driver and the road, resulting in an exhilarating sense of control and excitement.

One of the standout features of the Dart GTS is its manual steering. Unlike modern power-assisted steering systems, the manual steering in the Dart GTS requires the driver to exert more effort, but in return, it provides a heightened level of feedback and responsiveness. Every movement of the steering wheel is translated directly to the wheels, allowing the driver to feel the road surface and make precise adjustments. This level of engagement adds a layer of authenticity to the driving experience, making each turn and maneuver more rewarding.

Interior Comfort and Amenities

Step inside the 1968 Dodge Dart GTS, and you’ll be greeted by an interior that exudes a blend of luxury and performance. Every detail has been meticulously crafted to create a space that is both comfortable and engaging, allowing the driver to fully immerse themselves in the driving experience.

One of the standout features of the Dart GTS’s interior is the bucket seats. These seats not only provide exceptional comfort during long drives but also offer excellent support during spirited and dynamic maneuvers. Designed to hold the driver and passengers securely in place, the bucket seats ensure that everyone can fully enjoy the thrilling performance of the Dart GTS without sacrificing comfort. The original upholstery, carefully preserved, adds a touch of authenticity and nostalgia, reminding us of the car’s rich heritage and timeless appeal

Collectibility and Rarity

The 1968 Dodge Dart GTS holds a special place in the hearts of collectors and automotive enthusiasts around the world. Its desirability stems not only from its remarkable performance and iconic design but also from its exclusivity. With just 991 units ever produced in this particular configuration, owning a Dart GTS means joining an exclusive group of individuals who appreciate the rich heritage, craftsmanship, and rarity of this extraordinary car.

The limited production numbers of the 1968 Dodge Dart GTS make it a highly sought-after vehicle among collectors and enthusiasts. Its scarcity adds a sense of prestige and uniqueness, setting it apart from the countless other cars on the road. The knowledge that you are part of a select few who can proudly call themselves owners of a Dart GTS only adds to the pride and joy of ownership.

Authenticity and Documentation

One crucial aspect that sets apart a classic car is its authenticity, and the 1968 Dodge Dart GTS in question boasts an impressive pedigree that adds to its historical significance. What truly distinguishes this particular car is the presence of its original purchase agreement, which has been meticulously verified by none other than Mr. Norm’s Grande Spaulding Dodge—an iconic name in the world of high-performance vehicles.

The inclusion of the original purchase agreement is a testament to the car’s genuine nature and serves as a tangible link to its past. This document not only provides valuable information about the car’s specifications and features at the time of purchase but also establishes its provenance and authenticity. The fact that Mr. Norm’s Grande Spaulding Dodge has verified the purchase agreement further solidifies the car’s historical significance and underscores its place in automotive history.

Restorations and Maintenance

A remarkable transformation took place during the restoration process of the 1968 Dodge Dart GTS, as a meticulous nut-and-bolt rotisserie restoration was performed to bring this classic car back to its former glory. Every aspect of the car received meticulous attention to detail, resulting in a stunning revival that showcases its original beauty and charm.

The process of a nut-and-bolt rotisserie restoration involves disassembling the car down to its bare frame, where it is then mounted on a rotisserie. This allows for easy access to every nook and cranny of the vehicle, ensuring that no component is left untouched during the restoration. It’s a labor-intensive process that requires patience, skill, and a deep appreciation for preserving the car’s authenticity.

The Dodge Dart GTS Community

Owning a 1968 Dodge Dart GTS extends beyond the sheer joy of driving a classic car—it grants you membership into a vibrant community of passionate individuals who share a deep love and appreciation for this iconic vehicle. From car shows to meet-ups and online forums, there are numerous avenues available for Dart GTS owners to connect with like-minded enthusiasts, exchange knowledge, and celebrate the rich history of this remarkable automobile.

Car shows serve as gathering grounds for enthusiasts, where proud owners showcase their meticulously restored Dart GTS cars to fellow aficionados and curious onlookers alike. These events provide a unique opportunity to display the timeless beauty, craftsmanship, and dedication that went into restoring and preserving these classic vehicles. The camaraderie among Dart GTS owners is palpable as they share stories, swap restoration tips, and revel in their mutual admiration for this legendary car.

Owning a Piece of History

For the privileged few who have the opportunity to acquire a 1968 Dodge Dart GTS, this exceptional vehicle holds a significance that goes beyond its status as a mere car—it becomes a tangible link to a bygone era. Every moment spent behind the wheel of this meticulously restored classic is a journey through time, evoking a profound sense of nostalgia and an immense appreciation for an extraordinary period when American muscle cars dominated the streets and ignited the imaginations of automotive enthusiasts worldwide.

The 1960s was an era defined by innovation, fierce competition, and a relentless pursuit of automotive excellence. It was during this time that the Dodge Dart GTS emerged as a true symbol of power, style, and performance. The moment you step into the driver’s seat and turn the ignition key, you are transported back to a time when the open road beckoned and the possibilities seemed endless.

The Legacy of the 1968 Dodge Dart GTS

The legacy of the 1968 Dodge Dart GTS reaches far beyond its production years, leaving an indelible mark on the history of American muscle cars. It stands as a shining example of the golden age of automotive excellence and serves as a testament to the ingenuity, craftsmanship, and unwavering passion that defined the industry during that remarkable era.

During the late 1960s, American automakers were engaged in a fierce competition to create the most powerful and visually striking vehicles on the market. In this competitive landscape, the Dart GTS emerged as a true icon—a symbol of unbridled power, style, and performance. Its sleek and muscular design captured the imagination of car enthusiasts, while its exhilarating performance left a lasting impression on those lucky enough to experience it firsthand.


In conclusion, the 1968 Dodge Dart GTS remains an automotive masterpiece that has stood the test of time. Its rarity, powerful performance, and stunning design make it a true collector’s item. As we continue to marvel at the 1968 Dodge Dart GTS, we’re reminded of an era when cars were more than mere modes of transportation—they were works of art that fueled our dreams of speed, power, and freedom.

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