1968 Plymouth GTX: Reviving Glory in the Classic Car Market

The 1968 Plymouth GTX is a legendary American muscle car that continues to captivate automotive enthusiasts to this day. With its striking design, powerful engine, and impressive performance, the GTX remains a sought-after classic. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at the 1968 Plymouth GTX, exploring its history, features, and why it continues to be an icon of automotive excellence.

A Brief History of the Plymouth GTX

The Plymouth GTX made its debut in 1967 as a high-performance version of the beloved Belvedere model. With its aggressive design and powerful engine options, the GTX quickly captured the hearts of muscle car enthusiasts.

As a higher-end option in the Plymouth lineup, the GTX was designed to cater to drivers who craved both power and speed. Plymouth wanted to offer a vehicle that could provide an exhilarating driving experience while maintaining the stylish appeal that the brand was known for.

Design and Styling

The 1968 Plymouth GTX was a sight to behold, with its bold and muscular design commanding attention wherever it roamed. Its distinct features and attention to detail made it a true head-turner on the streets.

One of the standout elements of the 1968 Plymouth GTX was its distinctive grille. Positioned prominently at the front of the car, the grille showcased a unique design that exuded confidence and power. Its aggressive appearance hinted at the performance capabilities that lay under the hood.

Powerful Performance

Underneath the sleek and commanding exterior of the 1968 Plymouth GTX, resided a powerhouse of an engine. The heart and soul of this remarkable muscle car was its potent 440 cubic inch V8 engine, renowned for its impressive power and performance.

The 440 V8 engine was a force to be reckoned with, delivering a remarkable amount of horsepower and torque. However, the GTX took its performance to the next level with the inclusion of the Edelbrock Performer RPM kit. This kit was designed to optimize the engine’s capabilities and unleash its true potential on the road.

Restorations and Modifications

While the specific 1968 Plymouth GTX featured in this article may be an older restoration dating back to 2012-2013, the world of muscle car enthusiasts is filled with individuals who are passionate about restoring and customizing these iconic vehicles to suit their personal tastes and preferences. The Plymouth GTX provides a perfect canvas for such endeavors, allowing owners to embark on exciting restoration projects that bring these legendary cars back to life.

For some devoted enthusiasts, the goal is to restore their Plymouth GTX to its original factory condition. These individuals invest considerable time, effort, and resources into meticulously researching and sourcing authentic parts and materials that match the car’s original specifications. The aim is to recreate the car as closely as possible to how it rolled off the assembly line, ensuring historical accuracy and preserving the vehicle’s authenticity. Every detail, from the exterior paint color to the interior upholstery, is carefully considered and restored to its original glory. These restoration projects serve as a testament to the rich heritage and craftsmanship of the Plymouth GTX, allowing future generations to appreciate and enjoy these classic cars.

Driving Experience

Behind the wheel of the 1968 Plymouth GTX, the driving experience is truly exhilarating. The factory four-speed manual transmission allows drivers to fully engage with the car, experiencing the thrill of shifting gears.

With power front disc brakes and a vacuum canister for improved braking performance, the GTX provides confident stopping power even with its high-performance camshaft. The car’s suspension and handling characteristics ensure a smooth and controlled ride, making it a joy to drive on both straightaways and winding roads.

Collectibility and Value

The 1968 Plymouth GTX holds a prominent position in the realm of classic muscle cars and has established itself as a highly coveted gem within the automotive market. Its combination of rarity, impressive performance, and iconic status has made it a true treasure for collectors and enthusiasts alike. As the years pass, the value of this legendary vehicle has continued to soar, solidifying its status as a highly sought-after classic.

One of the key factors contributing to the allure of the 1968 Plymouth GTX is its inherent rarity. While exact production numbers may vary, it is widely recognized that only a limited number of these exceptional vehicles were manufactured. The scarcity of the GTX adds a sense of exclusivity and prestige, making it all the more desirable to those who appreciate its unique qualities.


In conclusion, the 1968 Plymouth GTX stands as a testament to the golden era of American muscle cars. Its aggressive design, powerful engine, and thrilling performance make it an automotive icon that continues to captivate enthusiasts and collectors alike. Whether it’s the nostalgia of its era or the raw power it represents, the GTX remains a timeless symbol of automotive excellence and an enduring legend in the world of classic cars.

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