1969 All-Motor Big Block Camaro: Unleashing the Power of 700HP

The Camaro is an iconic nameplate in the American automotive industry, known for its aggressive design and powerful performance. The car we’re about to explore is a 1969 Camaro, customized to deliver an astonishing 700 horsepower without the assistance of any forced induction. This means that all the power is generated naturally, making it a true testament to the raw strength of a big block engine.

Power and Performance

Under the hood of this ’69 Camaro resides a massive 572 cubic inch big block engine, capable of producing an awe-inspiring 700 horsepower and 706 foot-pounds of torque. The engine was built by Skip White Performance and is a true beast on the road.

To harness all that power, a 400 transmission was installed. The addition of a gear vendor allows for comfortable highway cruising at around 75 miles per hour, with the engine purring at approximately 2,900 RPM.

While the Camaro doesn’t handle like a sports car, it exudes the spirit of a classic ’69 muscle car. With manual steering and QA1 adjustable shocks in the front, the car maintains its original feel. The installation of true tracker and 35 spline axles ensures a stable and controlled ride.

Brakes and Wheels

Omar didn’t just focus on enhancing the power of his 1969 Camaro, but also made sure to upgrade the braking system to match its impressive performance. To achieve this, he chose Wilwood disc brakes for all four wheels. These high-performance brakes provide exceptional stopping power, a crucial aspect when dealing with the sheer force generated by the beast under the hood.

In addition to the braking upgrades, Omar also paid attention to the aesthetics and stance of the Camaro. He decided to widen the classic steel wheels to a formidable 10 inches at the rear. This modification not only gives the car a more aggressive and menacing appearance but also harkens back to its drag racing heritage. The wider wheels contribute to a wider track, providing stability and grip to handle the immense power unleashed by the big block engine.

Overall, Omar’s attention to detail and dedication to both performance and aesthetics are evident in his choice of Wilwood disc brakes and the widened steel wheels. These enhancements not only ensure optimal braking performance but also give the 1969 Camaro a formidable presence on the road, capturing the spirit of pure muscle and paying homage to its drag racing roots.

Exhaust System

The 700 horsepower big block engine needs a robust exhaust system to let its presence be known. The Camaro is equipped with MagnaFlow Pro XS 3-inch exhaust and Hooker Super Competition headers. The exhaust setup not only enhances the deep growl of the engine but also offers an exhilarating experience for both the driver and anyone lucky enough to hear it roar by.

Interior Upgrades

When it comes to upgrading his 1969 Camaro, Omar’s attention to detail extends beyond the exterior and performance aspects. He has also devoted considerable effort to enhancing the interior of the vehicle, resulting in a driving environment that perfectly balances comfort and style. Let’s explore the notable interior upgrades that showcase his commitment to creating an exceptional driving experience.

One of the key upgrades Omar made to the interior is the installation of custom seats. Being a tall individual, he needed seats that provided both comfort and adequate headroom. To meet this requirement, Omar turned to TMI in San Diego and replaced the original seats with custom ones. These seats not only offer improved comfort during long drives but also feature a houndstooth pattern that pays homage to the classic design of the Camaro.

In addition to the seats, Omar decided to update the dashboard by installing a digital dash. This modern touch replaces the original 1969 Camaro cluster, providing enhanced functionality and improved readability. While electronic gauges may not be as precise as their mechanical counterparts, they contribute to a sleek and updated interior appearance.

The steering wheel and tilt column also received an upgrade. Omar opted for a Forever Rolling steering wheel with a tilt column, offering improved ergonomics and adjustability. This upgrade allows Omar to find the perfect driving position, enhancing both comfort and control behind the wheel.

Retaining the classic charm of the Camaro, Omar decided to keep the deluxe door panels. These panels preserve the vintage look and feel of the interior while incorporating small design details that elevate the overall aesthetic. The combination of classic styling and subtle enhancements adds a touch of refinement to the interior.

One notable aspect of Omar’s interior upgrades is his dedication to maintaining the car’s original character. While he introduced modern elements, he ensured that the overall design still exudes the raw and authentic feel of a classic muscle car. This approach creates a nostalgic ambiance that perfectly complements the Camaro’s timeless appeal.

The Trans Brake

One of the standout features of this Camaro is the inclusion of a trans brake. With a simple push of a button, the trans brake engages, allowing for quick and powerful launches during drag racing. This feature adds an extra dimension to the already thrilling experience of driving this classic muscle car.

Omar’s goal with this Camaro is to achieve a quarter-mile time of around 6.9 to 6.95 seconds on motor alone, without nitrous or any other power-boosting methods. While he has already reached an impressive time of 7.04 seconds at nearly 100 miles per hour, he plans to fine-tune the car to achieve even better results. This Thursday, he aims to hit his target time and continue pushing the limits of this incredible machine.


The 700 horsepower all-motor big block Camaro is a true testament to the enduring legacy of American muscle cars. From its powerful engine to its menacing stance and raw exhaust note, this Camaro captures the essence of a bygone era. Omar’s passion for his ’69 Camaro shines through in every aspect of the car, making it a true automotive masterpiece.

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