1970 Plymouth GTX: Reviving the Past with Automotive Excellence

The 1970 Plymouth GTX is a classic muscle car that continues to captivate automotive enthusiasts with its timeless beauty and exceptional performance. This article delves into the various features and highlights of this legendary vehicle, providing an in-depth look at what makes it truly special.

Exterior Features

The Plymouth GTX was finished in a stunning Citron Mist color, also known as Y4 Gold, which adds a touch of elegance to its muscular stance. One of its standout exterior features is the Air Grabber Hood, an iconic option offered by Chrysler that enhances both the car’s aesthetics and performance.

The blacked-out hood treatment and side stripes further emphasize its aggressive appearance. The chrome and stainless steel components are in excellent condition, and the optional hood pins add a touch of authenticity.

Interior Features

Step inside the 1970 Plymouth GTX, and you’ll be greeted by its factory black interior, exuding a sense of sophistication. The car features bucket seats and a console, providing both comfort and a sporty feel.

The pistol grip shifter adds to the overall driving experience. The Rally Dash, complete with a tachometer and functional gauges, including the clock, gives the interior a classic and nostalgic appeal.

Engine and Performance

Under the hood, the 1970 Plymouth GTX boasts a powerful and original 440 engine, which is verified to be a matching numbers unit. This formidable engine is paired with a factory 4-speed manual transmission, allowing drivers to fully experience the thrill of shifting gears and maximizing performance. The car also features a Dana rear end, known for its durability and optimal power distribution.

To enhance its performance capabilities, the GTX has undergone some aftermarket modifications. These include a Holley dual-feed four-barrel carburetor and an Edelbrock torqueer intake, which contribute to improved fuel delivery and increased horsepower. Additionally, TTI ceramic headers have been installed to optimize exhaust flow and unleash the true potential of the engine.

Documentation and History

The 1970 Plymouth GTX comes with a comprehensive history and documentation. The car underwent a restoration process, completed around the local area, and was later purchased in North Carolina. The restoration is well-documented and includes a report by Dave Wise, a respected authority in the Mopar community.

The car carries his seal of approval as a verified matching numbers vehicle, ensuring the authenticity of the engine, transmission, and rear end. Furthermore, there is a broadcast sheet that provides additional insight into the car’s original specifications.

Driving Experience

When behind the wheel of the 1970 Plymouth GTX, drivers can expect a thrilling and enjoyable experience. The car’s handling is smooth and responsive, allowing for confident maneuvering on the road. The braking system, equipped with drum brakes, provides reliable stopping power.

The GTX features 15-inch rally wheels wrapped in BF Goodrich tires, offering excellent grip and traction. Power steering ensures ease of control, making it a pleasure to navigate through corners and enjoy long drives.

Additional Features

The 1970 Plymouth GTX is not just a powerhouse of performance; it also comes equipped with a range of additional features that elevate its overall appeal. These thoughtful additions enhance both the functionality and style of the car, making it a truly captivating and well-rounded machine.

The optional hood mount turn signals not only improve visibility but also contribute to the car’s distinct look. Of course, the standout feature is the functioning Air Grabber Hood, which provides both a visual spectacle and increased airflow to the engine.

Maintenance and Upgrades

The 1970 Plymouth GTX has received meticulous care and maintenance over the years. It features an aftermarket aluminum Dana cover, which adds both durability and aesthetic appeal to the rear end.

The car also benefits from a dual exhaust system, complete with chrome tips, for an aggressive and throaty exhaust note. Regular maintenance has been performed, including the installation of an electronic ignition system for improved reliability and performance.

Overall Condition

The 1970 Plymouth GTX exemplifies exceptional quality and craftsmanship. The car showcases a clean and well-maintained exterior, with straight body lines and minimal blemishes.

The interior reflects the same level of care, with seats that have been repadded and reformed to ensure comfort. The dash, steering wheel, and gauges are in excellent condition, contributing to a visually appealing and functional interior.

Rarity and Collectibility

The 1970 Plymouth GTX is a highly sought-after vehicle among car enthusiasts and collectors. Its rarity and limited availability make it a true gem in the automotive world.

Finding a well-preserved and restored GTX can be challenging, as these cars are highly valued and often cherished by their owners. Owning a 1970 Plymouth GTX not only provides a thrilling driving experience but also offers the opportunity to own a piece of automotive history.


In conclusion, the 1970 Plymouth GTX represents the epitome of classic muscle cars. With its striking design, powerful engine, and exceptional performance, it continues to captivate automotive enthusiasts. The meticulous restoration, comprehensive documentation, and well-preserved condition make it a highly desirable collector’s item. If you’re a car enthusiast seeking a vehicle that combines style and power, the 1970 Plymouth GTX is a prime choice. Its Citron Mist paint, Air Grabber Hood, and black side stripes add to its commanding presence on the road. The interior features, such as the factory black interior, bucket seats, and console, create a comfortable and sporty ambiance. The matching numbers 440 engine, 4-speed manual transmission, and Dana rear end deliver exhilarating performance.

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