1970 Plymouth Superbird Tribute Racer: The Ultimate Muscle Car

When it comes to legendary muscle cars, the 1970 Plymouth Superbird holds a special place in the hearts of automotive enthusiasts. The iconic design, with its massive rear wing and aerodynamic features, was originally built for NASCAR racing dominance. In this article, we’ll explore a remarkable tribute to this legendary car, the 1970 Plymouth Superbird Tribute Racer, featured in the popular YouTube series “Muscle Car Of The Week.”

The Birth of a Hybrid Racer

The idea for the 1970 Plymouth Superbird Tribute Racer was conceived by none other than Bill Goldberg, a pro-athlete, TV star, and avid car enthusiast. Bill envisioned a modern-day interpretation of the Superbird, combining the classic aesthetics with the performance capabilities of modern technology. With the help of the Year 1 Ghost Works Garage and Evernham Racing, his vision became a reality.

While not an authentic Superbird, this tribute racer was painstakingly crafted to embody the spirit of the original NASCAR winged warriors. Starting with a 1970 Plymouth Satellite, the car was transformed into a jaw-dropping Superbird tribute. The project was a collaboration between Bill Goldberg, the Year 1 team, and the Darrell Gwynn Foundation, a charitable organization dedicated to spinal cord research.

Impressive Design and Engineering

To achieve the desired Superbird look, the team went beyond a mere wing and nose cone installation. They custom-built the chassis, lowering the body closer to the ground compared to a regular Satellite. Enhancing the car’s handling, they incorporated a C-notched rear frame and a modified long arm NASCAR-style rear suspension setup. This ensured optimal performance on the road. Additionally, the team meticulously modified the wheel openings to accommodate wide racing tires, which were mounted on steel NASCAR-spec wheels. The attention to detail in these modifications truly brought the Superbird tribute racer to life.

By going the extra mile and customizing the chassis, the Superbird tribute racer not only looked the part but also performed exceptionally well. The lowered body provided improved aerodynamics and stability at high speeds. The C-notched rear frame and modified rear suspension further enhanced the car’s handling, making it more responsive and agile on the road or track. The carefully modified wheel openings were essential in accommodating the wider racing tires, allowing for better traction and grip. The combination of these enhancements transformed the Superbird tribute racer into a formidable machine, embodying the spirit and power of the iconic muscle car.

Every aspect of the Superbird tribute racer was carefully considered, and the modifications were executed with precision. The custom-built chassis, lowered body, and optimized suspension system all contributed to an unparalleled driving experience. The attention to detail extended to the wheel openings, ensuring that the wider racing tires fit perfectly. With its striking appearance and impressive performance, the Superbird tribute racer truly captured the essence of the original muscle car, delivering a thrilling ride that enthusiasts would be proud to own and drive.

Powertrain and Performance

Under the hood of this Superbird tribute racer, a formidable powerhouse awaits. It is equipped with a commanding 358 cubic inch Evernham Racing NASCAR-spec engine, unleashing an astonishing 750 horsepower. This high-performance Mopar race engine boasts an R5 Mopar iron block, a billet crank, steel rods, forged pistons, and race-spec Mopar P7 aluminum heads. Paired with a Tex Racing 4-speed transmission and a racing suspension, this beast is purpose-built for speed and delivers an exhilarating driving experience.

The heart of the Superbird tribute racer is its mighty 358 cubic inch Evernham Racing NASCAR-spec engine. This powerhouse generates an awe-inspiring 750 horsepower, ensuring mind-blowing acceleration and breathtaking performance. Constructed with top-of-the-line components, such as the R5 Mopar iron block, billet crank, steel rods, forged pistons, and race-spec Mopar P7 aluminum heads, this engine is a true force to be reckoned with. Combined with the precision of the Tex Racing 4-speed transmission and the agility of the racing suspension, the Superbird tribute racer is primed to deliver an adrenaline-pumping ride like no other.

Beneath the sleek exterior of the Superbird tribute racer lies an incredible source of power. Its 358 cubic inch Evernham Racing NASCAR-spec engine is an engineering marvel, producing an astounding 750 horsepower. The engine’s robust construction includes top-quality components such as the R5 Mopar iron block, billet crank, steel rods, forged pistons, and race-spec Mopar P7 aluminum heads. With the assistance of the Tex Racing 4-speed transmission and a finely tuned racing suspension, this powerhouse is built to dominate the road or track, providing drivers with an unmatched experience of speed, thrill, and raw power.

The Interior

Step inside the Superbird tribute racer, and you’ll be greeted by a meticulously crafted interior that perfectly blends comfort and racing aesthetics. The cockpit features a combination of vintage-inspired design elements and modern touches. The driver-focused layout puts all controls within easy reach, ensuring a seamless driving experience. With supportive racing seats wrapped in premium leather upholstery and bolstered side support, you’ll feel securely planted even during high-speed maneuvers.

The attention to detail extends to every aspect of the Superbird tribute racer’s interior. The dashboard showcases a classic instrument cluster, complete with analog gauges providing essential performance data. The center console houses modern infotainment technology, seamlessly integrated into the vintage-inspired design. Advanced features such as a touchscreen display, Bluetooth connectivity, and a premium audio system bring modern convenience to this retro-inspired muscle car.

Craftsmanship shines throughout the cabin, with carefully selected materials and finishes. The steering wheel, wrapped in supple leather, offers a firm grip and precise control. Brushed aluminum accents adorn the door panels and center console, adding a touch of elegance and highlighting the attention to detail. The overall ambiance of the interior exudes a sense of nostalgia, transporting occupants back to the golden era of American muscle cars.

Practicality is not overlooked in the Superbird tribute racer’s interior design. Despite its racing-inspired nature, this muscle car offers ample storage options. The trunk provides enough space to accommodate luggage or essential gear for weekend getaways. The rear seats, although snug, can still accommodate passengers comfortably during shorter trips. This blend of performance-oriented features and practicality ensures that the Superbird tribute racer is not only a thrilling machine to drive but also a versatile companion for everyday use.

Driving the Dream

Although the 1970 Plymouth Superbird Tribute Racer is street-drivable, it’s not for the faint of heart. The racing clutch and the intense power delivery require skillful operation. However, for those who dare to take the wheel, the experience is nothing short of extraordinary. The combination of modern performance and classic aesthetics makes for an adrenaline-fueled adventure on the open road.

Beyond its remarkable performance and stunning design, the 1970 Plymouth Superbird Tribute Racer serves a greater purpose. As a fundraiser for the Darrell Gwynn Foundation, this car helped raise over $675,000 for spinal cord research. It stands as a testament to the generosity and passion of the automotive community, showcasing how the love for cars can make a meaningful impact on people’s lives.


In conclusion, the 1970 Plymouth Superbird Tribute Racer is a testament to the enduring legacy of the Superbird. With its breathtaking design, formidable performance, and philanthropic mission, it captures the hearts of car enthusiasts around the world. The dedication and craftsmanship poured into this modern-day marvel make it a true standout in the realm of tribute vehicles.

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