1974 Plymouth Cuda: Embracing the Spirit of American Muscle

Welcome to the captivating world of American muscle cars, where power and style merge to create automotive legends. Prepare to embark on an exhilarating journey as we delve into the iconic 1974 Plymouth Cuda. With its commanding presence, aggressive design, and unbridled performance, the Plymouth Cuda stands as a timeless symbol of automotive excellence. From the moment this legendary machine roared to life, it captured the hearts of enthusiasts, leaving an indelible mark on the history of classic muscle cars. Brace yourself for an exploration of raw power, captivating design, and the unrivaled spirit that defines the 1974 Plymouth Cuda.


The 1974 Plymouth Cuda is a legendary muscle car that embodies the spirit of power and performance. Known for its iconic design and exhilarating driving experience, the Cuda has become a symbol of American automotive history. At Southern Motors, we are proud to present this exceptional 1974 Plymouth Cuda with a price tag of $45,900. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this car a true standout.

The 1974 Plymouth Cuda exudes a sense of timeless elegance with its stunning tuxedo black finish. The black Cuda stripe running along the sides adds a touch of aggressiveness and enhances its overall aesthetic appeal. The inclusion of a go wing on the rear further accentuates its sporty and aerodynamic design. This Cuda’s body is solid and straight, thanks to an older restoration done in 2010. While there may be a few imperfections in the paint due to its age, it remains a visually striking car.

Performance Specifications

Beneath the sleek exterior of the 1974 Plymouth Cuda lies an awe-inspiring surprise: a monstrous racing 408 stroker motor that replaces the factory L code 360 engine. This jaw-dropping upgrade elevates the performance of the Cuda to unparalleled heights, unleashing an adrenaline-fueled experience like no other. With the addition of headman headers, a Holley 750 dual feed four-barrel carburetor, and an Edelbrock Performer Aluminum Intake, this Cuda is primed and ready to conquer the road with its raw power.

The heart of this beastly machine beats with ferocious power, as the racing 408 stroker motor commands attention. With an increased displacement and finely tuned performance enhancements, this powerhouse propels the Cuda to breathtaking speeds, leaving competitors in its dust. The headman headers not only maximize the engine’s efficiency but also amplify its aggressive roar, commanding the attention of anyone within earshot. Complemented by the Holley 750 dual feed four-barrel carburetor, which ensures a steady and precise fuel delivery, this Cuda is engineered for pure exhilaration.

Furthermore, the addition of an Edelbrock Performer Aluminum Intake further enhances the engine’s capabilities. This high-performance intake manifold optimizes airflow, maximizing power output and torque. With this meticulously crafted combination of components, the 1974 Plymouth Cuda becomes an unstoppable force, ready to dominate the streets and leave a lasting impression on anyone fortunate enough to witness its might. Get ready to experience the fusion of power and performance as this remarkable machine unleashes its full potential.

Interior Features

Step inside the 1974 Plymouth Cuda, and you’ll be greeted by a black vinyl interior that perfectly complements the car’s stunning exterior. The bucket seats not only provide exceptional comfort but also offer excellent support, ensuring a pleasurable driving experience even during long journeys. Carefully preserved, the factory dash and correct headliner showcase the meticulous attention to detail that has been poured into this classic car. From the door panels to the upholstery, every aspect of the interior has been thoughtfully maintained, inviting you to revel in the timeless elegance of the Plymouth Cuda.

A true testament to the car’s enduring allure, the black vinyl interior of the 1974 Plymouth Cuda exudes a sense of timeless sophistication. The sleek and supple surfaces of the seats, adorned with stylish stitching, elevate the interior aesthetics and create an atmosphere of refined luxury. The careful selection of materials ensures that the interior not only looks fantastic but also withstands the test of time, providing years of enjoyment for the lucky driver and passengers who have the pleasure of experiencing this iconic muscle car.

In addition to the captivating design, the interior of the 1974 Plymouth Cuda has been equipped with modern amenities for your convenience. This Cuda comes with an aftermarket radio, adding a touch of contemporary functionality to the classic interior. Now, you can enhance your driving experience with your favorite music or listen to captivating stories and news as you cruise down the open road. This thoughtful upgrade seamlessly blends modern technology with the vintage charm of the Cuda, allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds during your time behind the wheel.

In the 1974 Plymouth Cuda, every aspect of the interior has been meticulously maintained to uphold the car’s originality and timeless appeal. From the black vinyl seats that provide both comfort and support to the factory dash and correct headliner that demonstrate the dedication to authenticity, this Cuda offers a truly immersive experience. Combined with the addition of an aftermarket radio, which brings modern convenience to the classic interior, this muscle car ensures that your journey is not only visually stunning but also enjoyable and entertaining. Prepare to be transported to a bygone era as you bask in the elegance and sophistication of the interior of the 1974 Plymouth Cuda.

Additional Details

This meticulously maintained 1974 Plymouth Cuda boasts a clean and well-organized engine bay, a testament to the care and attention given to preserving its originality. Underneath the hood, you’ll find a 727 TorqueFlite transmission paired with a B&M 2500 stall converter, guaranteeing seamless and precise gear changes. This combination not only enhances the car’s performance but also ensures a smooth and exhilarating driving experience. The inclusion of power steering and power disc brakes further enhances the Cuda’s handling capabilities, offering precise control and increased safety on the road. Whether you’re cruising along the highway or navigating tight corners, this Cuda delivers an unparalleled driving experience that blends power, agility, and peace of mind.

One of the standout features of this 1974 Plymouth Cuda is the availability of the original broadcast sheet, which provides invaluable information about the car’s VIN and other important details. This document offers a comprehensive breakdown of the car’s specifications, including factory options and original equipment.

Having the original broadcast sheet not only adds to the Cuda’s historical value but also serves as a valuable resource for enthusiasts and collectors. It allows for a deeper understanding of the car’s provenance and serves as a testament to the car’s authenticity and originality. With the original broadcast sheet in hand, you can truly appreciate the rich heritage and unique characteristics of this remarkable 1974 Plymouth Cuda.


The 1974 Plymouth Cuda is an iconic muscle car that continues to captivate enthusiasts with its timeless design and exhilarating performance. This particular Cuda, with its tuxedo black exterior, racing 408 stroker motor, and well-maintained interior, is a true gem. Whether you’re a collector or a car enthusiast looking for a vehicle that combines style and power, the 1974 Plymouth Cuda is a remarkable choice.

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