600HP LS7 Powered Pontiac Grand Am Pro-Touring Build: Revving Up the Streets

The Pontiac Grand Am has been a classic car for many decades, but what happens when you take a 2000 model and make it into a pro-touring beast? This article will give you an in-depth look at the 600HP LS7 powered Pontiac Grand Am Pro-Touring build.

The LS7 Engine

The LS7 engine is a beast in itself. It comes with Brodix ported heads, an MSD Atomic intake, and Holley fuel rails, making it one of the most powerful engines out there.

The cam in this engine is pretty moderate, but it still manages to produce 600 horsepower and a ton of torque. The computer and electronics are all GM, and it’s a fairly basic setup.

Exhaust System

To complement the engine, the car has an exhaust system built by Chad’s Customs out in Cherry Valley. The headers are three inches and lead into an X-pipe before two and a half-inch Borla mufflers and exhaust tips. The exhaust tips are subtle yet unique, and they’re placed to give the car a great sound.

Transmission and Gearing

The transmission is a 6-speed T56, which is one of the best transmissions out there. It’s easy to drive, and it complements the car’s power and torque. The rear end has a gearing of 3.73s, which gives it great acceleration.

Suspension and Brakes

To complement the powerful LS7 engine, the Pontiac Grand Am features a full set of Ridetech suspension components. The front suspension utilizes Ridetech upper and lower control arms, dropped spindles, and coilovers. Meanwhile, the rear suspension has Ridetech StrongArm trailing arms, coilovers, and an adjustable Watt’s linkage. The suspension setup allows the car to handle corners with ease and provides a comfortable ride.

Stopping power comes from a set of Wilwood brakes, which have six-piston calipers and 14-inch rotors up front and four-piston calipers and 13-inch rotors in the rear. The brakes provide excellent stopping power and are necessary to handle the car’s high speed and weight.

Exterior Modifications

The exterior of the car has some unique modifications, including louvers, a front nose, and hood scoops. However, the only body modification was cutting the quarter panel up a certain amount of distance

. The exhaust tips are also a custom design, and the wheels are from a company called Modulare. The car has a 19×11 in the back with a 305 Nitto and a 19×7.5 in the front with a 275 Nitto.

Interior Modifications

The interior of the Pontiac Grand Am is as impressive as the exterior and performance upgrades. The car features custom leather and suede upholstery, which covers the seats, door panels, and headliner. The seats are from a 2011 Honda CR-Z, which were recovered and modified to fit the Pontiac. The front seats have a heating and cooling function, adding an extra level of comfort.

The dashboard features AutoMeter gauges, which provide accurate readings of the car’s vital signs. The car has Vintage Air climate control, which keeps the interior cool during hot days. The center console is from a 2012 Dodge Challenger, which was modified to fit the Grand Am and provides a modern look.


The 600HP LS7 powered Pontiac Grand Am Pro-Touring build is a masterpiece of engineering, combining a classic car with modern technology and performance upgrades. The car’s LS7 engine provides immense power and torque, while the suspension and brakes allow it to handle corners and stop on a dime. The custom exterior and interior upgrades give the car a modern look while maintaining the classic styling of the Grand Am. This build is an excellent example of what can be achieved when combining classic cars with modern technology and performance upgrades.

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