’64 Oldsmobile Cutlass Restomod: The Epitome of American Muscle Cars

When it comes to classic car restoration and modification, few names are as renowned as Steve Strope and his company, PureVision Design. With their latest project, Steve set out to create a unique restomod that would not only turn heads but also offer a comfortable and reliable driving experience. The result is a stunning 1964 Oldsmobile Cutlass F-85, lovingly dubbed “Project Long Weekend.”

The Vision Behind the Build

Steve’s vision for Project Long Weekend was clear from the beginning – he wanted a cool little hot rod that could go the distance and handle the demands of cross-country driving. But what set this project apart was Steve’s desire to make all the major modifications in a long weekend, using tools that the average car enthusiast would have at home. This approach made the project not only accessible but also exciting for those looking to undertake their own restomod adventures.

The Car: 1964 Oldsmobile Cutlass F-85

The star of the show is a 1964 Oldsmobile Cutlass F-85, a car that holds a special place in the hearts of automotive enthusiasts. While it may not be the iconic 4-4-2 model, it was precisely what Steve wanted for this build. He saw the potential in this classic car and envisioned transforming it into a comfortable and stylish cruiser for long-distance journeys.

Project Long Weekend was a unique concept that guided the modifications made to the Oldsmobile Cutlass. The idea was to tackle all the significant upgrades, such as suspension improvements, cooling enhancements, air conditioning, stereo upgrades, and sound insulation, within the span of a long weekend. This approach allowed Steve to demonstrate that with the right planning and tools, anyone could transform their own car into a customized masterpiece.

Suspension and Performance Upgrades

One of the first areas of focus for Steve was the suspension. He opted for the Hotchkiss TVS suspension, known for its exceptional performance and two-inch lowering springs. This upgrade gave the Cutlass a more aggressive stance while improving its handling and ride quality. Under the hood, Steve made some modifications to the original 330 V8 engine, including the installation of a mild performance cam and lifters, an Edelbrock intake, and a four-barrel carburetor. These upgrades added some extra power and responsiveness to the engine.

Body and Paintwork

To ensure the car’s structural integrity and facilitate the necessary modifications, Steve decided to pull the body off the frame. While this may seem like a daunting task, Steve wanted to show that it was within reach for home mechanics willing to put in the effort. He restored the drum brakes in the rear and installed factory disc brakes in the front. To give the car a captivating look, Steve chose a mesmerizing Glacier Blue color, which beautifully complemented the stainless steel and chrome accents.

Attention to Detail

Steve’s dedication to creating a truly enjoyable driving experience extended to the finer details of the restomod. He paid careful attention to the suspension, steering, and braking systems to ensure a smooth and responsive ride. For night driving, he installed high-quality Hella headlights to provide optimal visibility on dark highways. Inside the car, Steve incorporated custom gauges from Dakota Digital, giving the dashboard a classic appearance while providing modern functionality.

Personal Touches and Final Touches

To make the restomod uniquely his own, Steve added some personal touches to the Cutlass. Inside the door panels, he included a medallion inspired by Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean ride, infusing a touch of fun and nostalgia into the interior. Additionally, he opted for custom Coco Mats for the floor, which not only added a vintage touch but also provided durability and easy maintenance.

Test Drive and Impressions

Once all the modifications were complete, it was time to take the restomod Cutlass for a spin. Steve hopped behind the wheel and was immediately impressed by how well the car drove. The suspension upgrades, coupled with the neutral steering and responsive braking, made for a comfortable and confident driving experience. The engine delivered enough power to enjoy highway cruising without overwhelming the car. Steve was delighted with the outcome of Project Long Weekend, as it had achieved exactly what he set out to create – a car that could be driven, enjoyed, and admired on long journeys.


Steve Strope’s ’64 Oldsmobile Cutlass Restomod, known as Project Long Weekend, exemplifies the art of transforming a classic car into a modern masterpiece. The approachable nature of the project, with its emphasis on realistic modifications, makes it an inspiring example for aspiring car enthusiasts. With careful attention to detail, personal touches, and a focus on creating an enjoyable driving experience, Steve has crafted a restomod that truly stands out.

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