65 Ford Mustang Resto Mod: The Perfect Fusion of Style and Craftsmanship by Glenn

Welcome to the exciting world of classic car restorations and modifications! In this article, we delve into the captivating story of Glenn’s remarkable garage-built ’65 Ford Mustang. From its humble beginnings to its jaw-dropping transformation, Glenn’s Mustang showcases the epitome of a resto mod done right. Join us as we explore the power, craftsmanship, and personal touch behind the 427 Stroker ’65 Ford Mustang.

Meet Glenn and His Mustang

Glenn, a passionate car enthusiast, had the opportunity to visit and showcase his ’65 Ford Mustang at a prestigious Mustang show in San Diego. While this was an added bonus to his trip, it was truly an honor for Glenn to present a special gift to the author, a meticulously crafted 2004 competition orange Terminator Cobra. This gesture signifies the camaraderie and appreciation within the automotive community.

Glenn’s connection with his Mustang goes back to his early years. As a young adult in the Army, he sought a loan to purchase a car. Unfortunately, due to lack of collateral, the loan was denied. However, Glenn’s father recognized his passion and love for the car. In an act of unwavering support, Glenn’s father handed him 1200 dollars in cash to acquire his dream Mustang. This emotional bond with the car transformed it into a never-selling treasure.

Glenn’s Garage Build Project

Glenn’s Mustang project was primarily a garage build, with his own hands contributing to its transformation. With limited resources and the determination to see his vision come to life, Glenn painted the entire car in his own garage.

The level of craftsmanship and attention to detail displayed in this garage-built masterpiece is truly exceptional. Glenn’s unwavering focus on precision and quality is evident in every curve, every line, and every component of the Mustang. Each modification and enhancement was carefully chosen and executed to enhance the car’s performance and aesthetics

Powertrain and Performance Upgrades

Under the hood, Glenn’s Mustang boasts a formidable 427 stroker engine derived from the original 351 Windsor. With an impressive power output of around 500 horsepower, this engine provides exhilarating performance.

Glenn opted for a borla stack injection system, which not only enhances power but also adds a touch of vintage aesthetics to the engine bay. The involvement of renowned builder Dave Kindig further exemplifies the attention to detail and dedication in the build.

Exhaust System and Customization

Glenn’s Mustang features a unique and versatile exhaust system. Starting with Doug’s headers designed specifically for a Mustang with Mustang 2 suspension, the exhaust pipes flow into three-inch stainless steel pipes.

Glenn added cutouts for a side exhaust setup, perfect for unleashing the engine’s raw power. Additionally, when a more muffled experience is desired, the exhaust can be routed to the rear end through a Dynamax race bullet muffler.

Brakes, Wheels, and Suspension

Glenn prioritized safety and performance by outfitting his Mustang with a Wilwood brake system. With six-piston calipers up front and four-piston calipers at the rear, the car stops with confidence. Notably, Glenn opted for a manual brake setup, further enhancing the driving experience.

The choice of Mach 5 wheels, known for their iconic knockoff design, adds a touch of nostalgia while retaining a modern aesthetic. The narrowed quick performance nine-inch rear end ensures optimal power delivery and stability.

Interior Restoration and Upgrades

Glenn’s Mustang embraces the originality and charm of the interior while incorporating modern comfort. The replacement door panels, faithful to the original design, maintain the authentic Mustang look.

The seats underwent a refurbishment process, retaining their classic appeal while providing enhanced comfort for the driver and passengers. This harmonious blend of originality and upgrades creates an inviting and nostalgic interior.

The Essence of a Resto Mod

Glenn’s Mustang perfectly exemplifies the essence of a resto mod. A resto mod, short for restoration modification, combines the classic aesthetics of a vintage car with modern performance and safety features.

Glenn’s Mustang showcases the perfect balance between preserving the original styling cues and incorporating enhancements that enhance the overall driving experience. This fusion of classic and contemporary elements makes the car truly one-of-a-kind.

The Joy of Driving Glenn’s Mustang

Driving Glenn’s Mustang is an experience like no other. The combination of raw power, precise handling, and the distinctive sound of the open side pipes evokes a sense of exhilaration and pure enjoyment.

With horsepower ranging between 500 and 600, the car offers thrilling acceleration while maintaining a manageable level of excitement. Glenn’s passion and happiness behind the wheel are evident, reflecting the true spirit of the Mustang legacy.

The Impact of Glenn’s Journey

Glenn’s journey with his Mustang is a testament to the enduring love and connection between a car and its owner. From the initial denial of a loan to the unwavering support of his father, Glenn’s story inspires us to pursue our passions and overcome obstacles.

The bond formed between Glenn and his ’65 Ford Mustang Resto Mod is one that transcends time and evokes a profound sense of nostalgia for the golden era of classic cars. As Glenn pours his heart and soul into this iconic build, he not only breathes new life into the Mustang but also revitalizes his own connection to the automotive world.


Glenn’s ’65 Ford Mustang stands as a testament to the dedication and craftsmanship of a true automotive enthusiast. From its humble beginnings as a garage build project to its transformation into a powerful and visually stunning resto mod, this Mustang embodies the spirit of automotive passion. Glenn’s story is a reminder of the joy and fulfillment that comes from pursuing our dreams and the enduring memories created along the way.

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