’66 Mustang Fastback Restomod: Reviving Legends with Timeless Beauty and Exhilarating Experience

Welcome to an exciting journey through the restoration and modification of a classic 1966 Mustang Fastback. In this article, we will delve into the captivating story behind this magnificent car, its stunning features, and the exceptional craftsmanship that went into its transformation. Join us as we explore the fascinating world of the ’66 Mustang Fastback Restomod with a powerful 347 Stroker Motor.

The Chance Encounter

Let’s embark on a captivating journey as we unravel the remarkable story behind how fate intervened, guiding Fidel to discover the extraordinary ’66 Mustang Fastback. It was the year 1995, and Fidel found himself eagerly heading to the renowned Pomona Swap Meet, filled with anticipation and a deep longing for a classic car. Little did he know that this trip would forever alter the course of his life.

During his walk to the front gates, a fortuitous encounter awaited Fidel. He stumbled upon a gentleman named Bill Root, who happened to be the proud owner of a Mustang. Fidel couldn’t contain his enthusiasm and immediately shared his ardent desire to acquire a ’66 or ’67 Mustang Fastback.

A Dream Realized

The day arrived, and Fidel found himself standing at the location where the Mustang awaited him. As he approached with a mix of excitement and anticipation, he couldn’t help but wonder what lay beneath the car cover. Bill, with a mischievous smile, reached out to unveil the hidden gem. Fidel’s eyes widened in awe as the cover was lifted, revealing the timeless beauty of the ’66 Mustang Fastback.

The sight before him was a sight to behold. The classic lines and iconic design of the Fastback stirred something deep within Fidel’s soul. It was as if the car possessed a magnetic allure, drawing him closer with every passing second. The silver body gleamed under the sunlight, accentuated by subtle red accents that added an element of sophistication.

Unveiling the Silver and Red Beauty

In the initial stages of planning the transformation of his ’66 Mustang Fastback Restomod, Fidel had a clear vision in mind—a Hertz tribute with striking black and gold stripes that would pay homage to the iconic Mustangs of yesteryears. The idea of capturing that vintage aesthetic appealed to him, as he sought to recreate the allure and nostalgia of a bygone era.

However, fate had a different plan in store for Fidel. As he delved deeper into the world of automotive restoration, he stumbled upon the work of Hong, a highly skilled and renowned restorer known for his exceptional craftsmanship on vintage Porsches. Intrigued by Hong’s expertise and attention to detail, Fidel decided to pay him a visit.

Powering Up: The 347 Stroker Motor

Underneath the sleek exterior of this extraordinary ’66 Mustang Fastback Restomod resides a formidable powerhouse, carefully crafted by the skilled hands of JMS Racing. Fidel’s unwavering desire for uncompromising performance led him to seek the expertise of these renowned engine builders, known for their expertise in creating high-performance marvels.

At the heart of this Mustang beats a 347 Stroker motor, a creation that brings Fidel’s vision to life. The 347 Stroker is no ordinary engine—it is a symphony of power and precision, designed to deliver an exhilarating driving experience. Fidel’s choice of a 347 Stroker motor demonstrates his commitment to extracting every ounce of performance from his beloved Fastback.

Enhancing the Driving Experience

Fidel’s unwavering dedication to creating an exceptional driving experience led him to go the extra mile in modifying his prized ’66 Mustang Fastback Restomod. Understanding that true driving pleasure goes beyond raw power, Fidel carefully selected and incorporated various enhancements to optimize the Mustang’s handling, stability, and overall performance.

One of the key modifications Fidel made was the addition of subframe connectors. These sturdy reinforcements, expertly integrated into the chassis, play a pivotal role in enhancing the car’s structural rigidity. By connecting the front and rear subframes, Fidel effectively minimized chassis flex, providing a solid foundation that translates to improved stability and handling dynamics. The Mustang now carves through corners with unwavering confidence, hugging the road with precision and agility.

Stylish Wheels and Brakes

To complement the Mustang’s timeless beauty, Fidel opted for American Racing Shelby wheels. These wheels, inspired by the iconic “Gone in 60 Seconds” movie, add a touch of elegance and style to the car’s appearance.

With staggered sizes of 18 by 8 inches in the rear and 17 by 7 inches in the front, the Mustang achieves a perfect balance of aesthetics and performance. Surprisingly, Fidel decided to stick with the stock brakes, as his focus was on creating a cruiser rather than a track monster.

The Definition of Restomod

The ’66 Mustang Fastback Restomod owned by Fidel is the epitome of the term “restomod,” a fusion of the words “restoration” and “modification.” It stands as a shining example of how to strike the perfect balance between preserving the timeless charm of a classic Mustang and infusing it with carefully selected modern performance enhancements. Unlike pro touring builds that prioritize track performance, a restomod project like Fidel’s focuses on capturing the essence of the original car while incorporating subtle yet significant modifications that enhance its overall capabilities.

Fidel’s Mustang is a testament to the philosophy behind restomodding. It showcases the art of seamlessly blending the allure of vintage aesthetics with the advancements of modern automotive technology. While staying true to the classic design cues that have made the ’66 Mustang Fastback an automotive icon, Fidel has tastefully integrated performance upgrades to elevate the driving experience to new heights.

Meticulous Restoration

Throughout the meticulous restoration process, Fidel’s attention to detail was unwavering. He understood that it was the small details that would truly set his ’66 Mustang Fastback Restomod apart from the rest. With painstaking care, he ensured that every nut and bolt in the car received the special treatment it deserved.

Fidel’s commitment to authenticity was evident in his choice to have each nut and bolt zinc plated or cad plated. This dedication to preserving the original aesthetics of the Mustang was a labor of love, as he understood that even the smallest components contribute to the overall authenticity and visual appeal of the car.

Step Inside: Clean and Simple Interior

Stepping inside the meticulously crafted ’66 Mustang Fastback Restomod, one is immediately greeted by a clean and uncluttered interior that perfectly balances modern comfort with the original charm of the Mustang. Fidel had a clear vision when it came to the interior design—he wanted to preserve the essence of the Mustang while adding subtle touches of sophistication and luxury.

The focal point of the interior is the beautifully upholstered red leather seats, carefully sourced from a Porsche. These seats not only provide a comfortable and supportive seating arrangement but also add a touch of elegance to the Mustang’s cabin. The rich red hue of the leather contrasts beautifully with the silver exterior, creating a visually striking combination that exudes timeless style.

A Test Drive to Remember

No article on the ’66 Mustang Fastback Restomod would be complete without a thrilling test drive, and Fidel graciously extended an invitation to experience the sheer joy of driving his exceptional creation. As we buckled up and hit the open road, it became immediately evident that this Mustang was a machine designed to provide an unforgettable driving experience.

The first thing that struck us was the responsiveness of the Flaming River rack and pinion steering system. With each turn of the wheel, the Mustang obediently followed our commands, providing precise control and a remarkable level of feedback. The connection between the driver and the road was palpable, instilling a sense of confidence and exhilaration.


In conclusion, the ’66 Mustang Fastback Restomod with a 347 Stroker Motor is a true automotive masterpiece. Fidel’s dedication to preserving the Mustang’s classic heritage while incorporating modern enhancements is evident in every aspect of the car. From its stunning silver and red exterior to its powerful engine and carefully crafted interior, this Mustang is a testament to passion, craftsmanship, and the joy of driving. It is a dream realized, capturing the hearts of all who encounter its timeless allure.

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