’67 GTO Restomod: A Badass Supercharged LSA-Powered Beauty

In the world of classic muscle cars, few vehicles evoke the same level of excitement as the 1967 GTO. Renowned for its powerful performance and striking design, this iconic automobile holds a special place in the hearts of car enthusiasts. Today, we dive into the captivating story of one such ’67 GTO restomod that boasts an impressive supercharged LSA powertrain. Prepare yourself for a thrilling ride!

The History of the 1967 GTO

The 1967 GTO represents a golden era in American automotive history. As one of the most desirable muscle cars of its time, the GTO captured the essence of speed and style. Its sleek lines, aggressive stance, and powerful V8 engine made it an instant favorite among car enthusiasts. The ’67 GTO was a symbol of freedom and rebellion on the open road, delivering exhilarating performance and head-turning looks.

Our story begins with Dale, the proud owner of a 1967 GTO that has been in his family for generations. Originally belonging to his late father’s brother, this GTO holds sentimental value for Dale. After passing through different hands within the family, Dale decided to take on the task of restoring the car to its former glory.

Powertrain Upgrades: LSA Supercharger

When it comes to powertrain upgrades, one component that stands out in the realm of performance is the LSA supercharger. This powerhouse of forced induction technology has made its mark in the automotive world, delivering mind-blowing power and performance to vehicles lucky enough to harness its capabilities.

The LSA supercharger, based on the renowned GM LS engine platform, takes an already impressive powertrain and elevates it to extraordinary levels. With its roots-type design and efficient intercooler system, the LSA supercharger forces a greater volume of air into the engine, resulting in increased horsepower and torque.

Whether it’s a classic muscle car or a modern sports car, the addition of an LSA supercharger brings a new level of exhilaration to the driving experience. The instant surge of power, the spine-tingling supercharger whine, and the relentless acceleration make it an irresistible choice for enthusiasts seeking to unlock the true potential of their vehicles.

Enhancing Performance: Transmission and Suspension

A powerful engine needs a capable transmission to transfer its power to the wheels effectively. Dale chose a 4L80 automatic transmission, renowned for its strength and durability. This transmission ensures seamless gear shifts and delivers power smoothly to the rear wheels.

To complement the enhanced power and optimize the GTO’s handling, Dale upgraded the suspension system. He installed SPC adjustable control arms, allowing fine-tuning of the suspension geometry for improved cornering and stability. Additionally, the GTO features a curvy 9-inch rear end and lowered coils for a more aggressive stance.

Exquisite Wheel Design

In the world of automotive restomods, aesthetics hold immense importance, and Dale’s ’67 GTO is a prime example of that. Enhancing the visual appeal of his GTO, Dale opted for custom forged wheels from the prestigious manufacturer, Shot Wheels. These wheels embody the perfect fusion of style and practicality, boasting a design that effortlessly combines elegance with a touch of aggression.

The custom forged wheels on the GTO not only catch the eye but also serve a functional purpose. Their meticulously crafted construction ensures strength and durability while providing a lightweight advantage for improved performance. This combination of aesthetics and performance makes the custom wheels a standout feature of the ’67 GTO restomod. While the wheels may initially appear to be center locks, there’s a delightful twist to their design. Instead of the conventional center lock mechanism, these wheels feature a unique cover that can be removed using a special wrench, revealing traditional lug nuts. This clever design choice adds an element of surprise and intrigue, further accentuating the custom nature of the GTO.

Custom Interior: TMI Upholstery

Stepping inside Dale’s ’67 GTO restomod reveals a meticulously reimagined interior that seamlessly blends modern comfort with classic charm. The seats, upholstered by TMI, strike a perfect balance between support and plushness, offering both comfort and style. The interior elements, such as the door panels and dashboard, have been expertly restored or replaced, maintaining the car’s authentic appeal.

Incorporating modern technology, the interior boasts an advanced audio system for high-quality sound and Bluetooth connectivity for seamless wireless streaming. Climate control systems ensure optimal comfort in any weather, with customized controls for precise temperature adjustments.

Dale’s meticulous attention to detail is evident throughout the interior. Working closely with the team at TMI, he personalized the cabin to his exact preferences, resulting in a truly tailored space that reflects his vision. From the choice of upholstery materials to the stitching patterns, every element showcases the craftsmanship and dedication put into the restomod project.

Driving Experience and Performance

Behind the wheel of this GTO restomod, the driving experience is nothing short of exhilarating. With a prodigious supercharged engine, the car launches forward with breathtaking acceleration.

The aggressive exhaust note, courtesy of the Magnaflow 3-inch exhaust system, adds to the auditory delight. The combination of the upgraded transmission and suspension ensures precise control, making every corner an opportunity to unleash the car’s full potential.


Dale’s journey with his ’67 GTO restomod exemplifies the passion and dedication of car enthusiasts worldwide. Through careful restoration and performance upgrades, he has transformed a cherished family heirloom into a true automotive masterpiece. This badass supercharged LSA-powered GTO stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of classic muscle cars.

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