70 Plymouth Superbird Restomod: Unleashing Power with a 900HP Hellcat Engine

The 1970 Plymouth Superbird is an iconic car that has captured the hearts of automotive enthusiasts worldwide. As a fan of the Superbird and its sibling, the Daytona, I have always been drawn to their unique and somewhat cartoonish design. Recently, a remarkable ’70 Plymouth Superbird caught my attention when it made its debut at SEMA 2022. What sets this particular Superbird apart is that it underwent a complete restomod transformation, showcasing the perfect blend of classic aesthetics and modern performance. In this article, we will delve into the intricate details of this extraordinary restomod project and explore the various aspects that make this Superbird truly remarkable.

The Restomod Transformation

When faced with the task of restoring a classic car like the Superbird, there are typically two routes one can take: a faithful restoration to its original condition or a restomod transformation that combines classic elements with modern enhancements. In the case of this Superbird, the owner, driven by a desire for unmatched performance and visual appeal, decided to go the restomod route. Collaborating with the talented team at Salvaggio Auto Design, the owner embarked on a journey to create something truly extraordinary.

The Powertrain

At the heart of any restomod lies the powertrain, and in this Superbird’s case, it’s the mighty Hellcat engine. Starting with a Hellcat as the foundation, the team at Salvaggio Auto Design went above and beyond by incorporating a Demon cam and a red-eye supercharger. The engine was fully built, ensuring it could handle the immense power that would be unleashed. To complement the upgraded engine, larger injectors from CPP Pistons were installed, guaranteeing optimal fuel delivery.

Transmission and Performance Enhancements

A restomod isn’t complete without an upgraded transmission to handle the increased power output. In this Superbird, a built red-eye automatic eight-speed transmission was chosen. This transmission not only provides seamless shifting but also enhances the overall driving experience. The simplicity and cleanliness of the transmission installation are notable, with a carbon hood crafted by the renowned “carbon Brothers.”

Exterior Transformations

One cannot help but admire the stunning custom modern BASF finish on this Superbird. The owner worked closely with HRE to create a set of one-off wheels, 18 inches in the front and 20 inches in the rear, perfectly complementing the Superbird’s aggressive stance. Mopar enthusiasts will appreciate the fact that this restomod features a custom Salvaggio chassis, designed in collaboration with Detroit Speed. The result is a Superbird that not only looks incredible but also handles with precision and agility.

The exterior of this Superbird underwent meticulous modifications while staying true to its iconic design. Retaining the massive nose and rear wing, signature features of the Superbird, was a must. The craftsmanship involved in blending these elements seamlessly into the restomod build is extraordinary. Tucking and flushing the bumper, along with other metalwork refinements, showcase the attention to detail and the commitment to creating a clean and polished look.

Interior Transformations

Stepping inside the Superbird, one is greeted by a beautifully transformed interior. Gabe’s Custom Interiors, known for their exceptional craftsmanship, worked closely with Salvaggio Auto Design to create an interior that respects the Superbird’s heritage while introducing modern touches. The interior features a one-off steering wheel and a set of Dakota digital gauges that seamlessly integrate into the dashboard. The team made sure to retain the essence of the original design while enhancing comfort and functionality.

Performance and Driving Experience

When it comes to a restomod, performance is of utmost importance. The tuning of this Superbird was expertly handled with HP tuners, ensuring optimal power delivery and efficiency. To complement the engine’s performance, a custom MagnaFlow exhaust system was installed, providing a deep and aggressive exhaust note that matches the Superbird’s personality.

Driving this Superbird is an exhilarating experience. The upgraded suspension, courtesy of Detroit Speed components and the custom Salvaggio chassis, ensures precise handling and a smooth ride. Whether cruising leisurely or unleashing the full power of the Hellcat engine, the Superbird remains composed and planted, instilling confidence in the driver.

Final Impressions and Conclusion

In conclusion, the restomod transformation of this ’70 Plymouth Superbird is a testament to the craftsmanship and creativity of Salvaggio Auto Design. The fusion of classic aesthetics and modern performance elements has resulted in a truly exceptional car. Every detail, from the engine enhancements to the exterior and interior modifications, showcases the dedication and passion poured into this project.

Driving this restomodded Superbird is an experience that few will ever have the opportunity to enjoy. The power, the sound, and the overall driving dynamics are nothing short of extraordinary. While it is a shame that most of us will never have our names on the title of such a masterpiece, we can still appreciate and admire the engineering and artistry behind this remarkable ’70 Plymouth Superbird restomod.

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