700HP 69 Camaro: Roaring Performance with Upgraded Transmission and Exhaust System

Hey, guys! What’s up? Today, we’re diving into the details of an incredible car, the ’69 Camaro. While the Nova we showcased four years ago was impressive, this Camaro takes it to a whole new level. The ’69 Camaro is an iconic classic, and this particular build is a knockout. Let’s explore the details and see why this car stands out from the rest.


At the heart of this ’69 Camaro is a powerhouse engine, the LT4. The LT4 engine is one of my personal favorites, known for its exceptional performance. In this build, a supercharged LT4 engine sourced from the Z06 Corvette, circa 2021, has been utilized. The internals of the engine remain stock, with only a slight modification of downsizing the pulley. Additionally, we’ve added the Billet new supercharger lid from MPI Performance, along with their matching machined valve covers. With these enhancements, we estimate the power output to be around 700 horsepower at the crank, surpassing the stock 650 horsepower. While some claim to achieve 100 extra horsepower with just a pulley and a tune, we prefer to be more conservative in our estimates.

To ensure optimal performance, we’ve paid close attention to the intake and exhaust systems. The air intake system has been upgraded with a high-flow air filter and a custom cold air intake, allowing the engine to breathe more freely. On the exhaust side, BMR muscle rods headers have been installed, providing improved exhaust flow. These headers are connected to a custom exhaust system that delivers a deep and aggressive tone. To further enhance the performance and sound, a unique rear side exit exhaust design has been implemented, giving the car a distinct and aggressive look.

Exterior Modifications

In terms of exterior modifications, this ’69 Camaro showcases a tasteful use of carbon fiber elements. Carbon fiber is not only lightweight but also adds a modern touch to the classic design. For this build, we collaborated with Anvil, a renowned manufacturer of carbon fiber parts, to create custom carbon fiber pieces. The hood, front spoiler, rear valance, and rocker treatment have all been carefully crafted using carbon fiber. These additions not only enhance the aerodynamics of the car but also give it a unique and aggressive appearance.

The use of carbon fiber is not excessive but rather serves to accentuate certain features of the ’69 Camaro’s iconic design. It provides a modern twist without detracting from the overall aesthetic. The carbon fiber pieces have been seamlessly integrated, ensuring a cohesive and visually striking exterior.

Suspension and Chassis

To improve the handling and performance of the ’69 Camaro, significant attention has been given to the suspension and chassis. The front suspension has been upgraded with a TCI Pro Touring IFS kit, which provides better control and stability. The rear suspension features TCI torque arm suspension and coilovers, further enhancing the car’s cornering capabilities and ride comfort. With these modifications, the ’69 Camaro is transformed into a true pro-touring machine, offering a balance between comfort and performance.

The addition of coilovers allows for adjustable ride height and damping, enabling the driver to fine-tune the suspension to their preferences. This enhances the overall driving experience, providing better handling and improved road feedback.

Transmission and Exhaust

For the transmission, a 4L75 automatic transmission has been chosen for its durability and ability to handle the increased power output of the LT4 engine. The 4L75 transmission offers smooth shifts and efficient power delivery, making it an ideal choice for this high-performance build.

As mentioned earlier, the exhaust system includes BMR muscle rods headers, which are connected to a custom exhaust system. This system not only improves exhaust flow but also produces an exhilarating sound that matches the car’s performance. The unique rear side exit exhaust design adds a touch of uniqueness and further enhances the aggressive look of the ’69 Camaro.

Wheels, Tires, and Brakes

To complement the aggressive stance of the ’69 Camaro, we’ve selected a set of Shot Wheels SL65 wheels. These wheels feature a modern design with a deep concave profile, giving the car a striking appearance. The wheels are wrapped in high-performance Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires, providing excellent grip and responsiveness.

To ensure efficient braking performance, the ’69 Camaro has been equipped with Baer 6P Pro+ front and rear brake calipers. These calipers provide exceptional stopping power, allowing the driver to confidently control this high-performance machine.

Interior Upgrades

Inside the ’69 Camaro, you’ll find a carefully curated interior that combines classic and modern elements. The original seats have been reupholstered in high-quality leather with contrast stitching, providing both comfort and a luxurious feel. The dashboard has been upgraded with modern gauges that provide accurate and comprehensive information about the car’s performance. Other interior enhancements include a custom center console, a modern audio system, and a vintage-style steering wheel.

The goal of the interior upgrades is to retain the classic charm of the ’69 Camaro while incorporating modern conveniences and comfort. The result is a stylish and functional interior that complements the overall theme of the build.


In conclusion, this ’69 Camaro build represents a harmonious blend of classic design and modern performance. The LT4 engine provides exhilarating power, while the suspension and chassis upgrades enhance handling and comfort. The exterior modifications tastefully incorporate carbon fiber elements, giving the car a unique and aggressive appearance. The interior upgrades combine classic and modern elements, creating a comfortable and stylish cockpit.

Overall, this ’69 Camaro build is a testament to the timeless appeal of the first-generation Camaro, coupled with modern technology and performance enhancements. It’s a car that captures the essence of American muscle and showcases the capabilities of modern engineering. With its exceptional power, striking looks, and refined interior, this ’69 Camaro build is sure to turn heads and provide an unforgettable driving experience for any enthusiast lucky enough to get behind the wheel.

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