800wHP Procharged LSX 1970 Chevelle SS Restomod: The Ultimate American Muscle Car

502 Big Block Chevelle SS Restomod | Classic American Muscle Car

If you’re a fan of classic American muscle cars, then you’re in for a treat today. We’re taking a close look at a 1970 Chevelle SS Restomod that’s been upgraded with a 502 Big Block engine, modern suspension, and a whole host of other performance enhancements. But what makes this car truly special is the attention to detail and the incredible build quality that’s gone into it.

Before we dive into the details of this particular car, let’s take a quick look at the history of the Chevelle. This iconic muscle car was produced by Chevrolet from 1964 to 1977 and was one of the brand’s most successful models. It was available in a variety of body styles, including coupes, sedans, and wagons, but it was the high-performance SS version that really captured the hearts of muscle car enthusiasts.

The Restomod Phenomenon

In recent years, a new trend has emerged in the world of classic car restoration: the Restomod. This is when a classic car is restored to its original condition but with modern performance upgrades and other enhancements. The result is a car that looks and feels like a classic but has the power and handling of a modern sports car.

The Build Process

Now let’s take a closer look at this particular Chevelle SS Restomod. The owner of this car, Nick, wanted to create a one-of-a-kind muscle car that combined the classic styling of the original with modern performance and handling. To achieve this, he turned to the experts at Vintage Motorworks, a high-end restoration and customization shop based in Los Angeles.

The first step was to address the car’s handling and suspension. Vintage Motorworks replaced the entire suspension system with Detroit suspension and adjustable coilovers. This made a huge difference in the car’s handling and made it much more enjoyable to drive.

Next, they turned their attention to the engine. The original engine was replaced with a massive 502 Big Block V8 that produces over 500 horsepower. This engine was mated to a 4-speed automatic transmission that provides lightning-fast shifts and excellent acceleration.

Other upgrades included a new brake booster, center lock wheels from Forge Line, and custom exhaust cutouts that give the car a truly unique sound.

The Driving Experience

So how does this Restomod Chevelle SS drive? Well, according to Nick, it’s nothing short of an absolute blast. The harmonious combination of the massive engine, modern suspension, and upgraded brakes transforms the driving experience into pure exhilaration. The powerful engine delivers ample horsepower and torque, propelling the Chevelle SS forward with effortless acceleration and a commanding presence on the road. The modern suspension system enhances handling, providing a smooth and controlled ride, even when taking on sharp turns or challenging road conditions. With upgraded brakes, the car confidently comes to a stop, offering a sense of security and precision in braking. Overall, the Restomod Chevelle SS offers a driving experience that combines power, agility, and comfort, creating a truly enjoyable ride.

Aside from its impressive performance, the attention to detail that went into the build of this Restomod Chevelle SS is apparent from every angle. The meticulous craftsmanship and thoughtful design choices ensure that this car stands out in a crowd. From the flawless exterior paintwork to the carefully curated interior, this Chevelle SS exudes a timeless and captivating appeal. It effortlessly turns heads wherever it goes, drawing admiration and sparking conversations among automotive enthusiasts and casual onlookers alike. Driving this Restomod Chevelle SS not only provides an incredible driving experience but also offers a sense of pride in owning and showcasing such a remarkable and eye-catching vehicle.


In conclusion, the 502 Big Block Chevelle SS Restomod is a truly remarkable car that combines the best of classic American muscle with modern performance and handling. The build quality and attention to detail that went into this car are truly impressive, and it’s clear that the team at Vintage Motorworks knows how to create a world-class Restomod. If you’re a fan of classic muscle cars, then this is one car you don’t want to miss.

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