Badass 700HP Whipple Supercharged Chevy Chevelle Restomod


In this article, we’re going to talk about a badass 700HP Whipple supercharged Chevy Chevelle restomod built by John. The car is a perfect blend of classic looks and modern performance upgrades.

About John and his 65 Chevy Chevelle

John first got his hands on his Chevy Chevelle back in high school when his mom bought it for him. However, he sold it later on. A few years ago, he got a call from his friend who found his old car and offered to sell it back to him. John jumped at the opportunity and brought the car back to life.

John’s build process

Original condition of the car

When John got the car back, it was in a sorry state. The car didn’t even run, and it needed a lot of work. John took the car apart down to the bare frame in his garage and started the restoration process.

The restoration process

John spent a lot of time working on the car himself. He did all the work in his garage, except for the paint job. The paint shop he gave a deposit to closed down, and he lost his deposit and the car. He later found it in Lake Elsinore after two years. The car now sports a beautiful Victory Red color off a Corvette Z06.

Color selection

John selected the Victory Red color because he saw it on a Corvette Z06, and he loved it. The color goes perfectly with the classic lines of the Chevy Chevelle.

The engine

The engine in John’s Chevy Chevelle is an LS1 3 engine with a Whipple supercharger. The engine is a mild boar 355 cubic inch patriot head motor that John picked up from a friend. The car makes 601 horsepower and 760 lb-ft of torque to the wheel on 91 octane fuel. On race gas, it makes 820 horsepower and 840 lb-ft of torque to the wheel.

Transmission and Shifter

The transmission in John’s car is a Bowtie Overdrives 765 R4, which is good for 1000 horsepower. The shifter is made by Kill Duff, a company based out of Reseda, California.

Suspension and Frame

The suspension and frame on John’s Chevy Chevelle are mostly stock, but he has reinforced the frame with thicker weld washers and plated it.


The interior of John’s Chevy Chevelle is an impressive blend of classic and modern. The seats are from a newer car and have been reupholstered to match the classic look of the car. The car has a lot of gauges, including an AEM wideband.

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