Badass Twin Turbo 1966 Chevelle Making 760HP at the Wheels: Revolutionizing Power

1966 Chevelle is an incredible machine that has been transformed into a powerful and beautiful work of art. The car’s unique design and impressive performance make it a true standout in the world of muscle cars. This car has undergone extensive modifications to become the powerful machine it is today.

The Car

The 1966 Chevelle is a classic American muscle car that is popular among car enthusiasts and collectors. It has a sleek, stylish design that exudes power and speed. This particular Chevelle has been modified to increase its performance, with a twin-turbocharged engine that can produce an impressive 760 horsepower.

The Engine

The engine in this Chevelle is a custom-built 427 cubic inch small block Chevy that has been modified with twin turbochargers. The engine features forged internals, custom camshaft, and high-performance cylinder heads. With the addition of the twin turbos, the engine is able to produce 760 horsepower and 750 lb-ft of torque, making it a force to be reckoned with on the road.

The Transmission

To handle the power of the twin-turbocharged engine, the Chevelle has been equipped with a GM 4L80E automatic transmission that has been built to handle up to 1,000 horsepower. The transmission has also been fitted with a custom torque converter and shift kit to help deliver the power to the rear wheels smoothly and efficiently.

Suspension and Brakes

The suspension in this Chevelle has been upgraded to handle the increased power and speed of the car. It features QA1 adjustable coilovers, tubular control arms, and a rear sway bar. The brakes have also been upgraded with Wilwood 6-piston calipers and 14-inch rotors in the front, and 4-piston calipers and 13-inch rotors in the rear.


The interior of the Chevelle has been updated with a custom leather interior, modern gauges, and a premium sound system.

The seats are comfortable and supportive, and the cabin is spacious enough to accommodate passengers in the front and rear seats.


The exterior of the Chevelle is a stunning black-on-red color scheme that is sure to turn heads. It has a classic look with a featuring custom wheels and tires, a cowl induction hood, and subtle chrome accents.


Overall, the Badass Twin Turbo 1966 Chevelle is a prime example of a classic muscle car that has been updated and modified to deliver exceptional performance and style. With its twin-turbocharged engine, upgraded suspension and brakes, and custom interior and exterior, this Chevelle is a true masterpiece that any car enthusiast would be proud to own.

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