Custom 1973 Dodge Challenger Built for Charles Schwab Challenge Winner

Learn how Steve Strope of Pure Vision Design built a custom 1973 Dodge Challenger for the Charles Schwab Challenge winner. Discover the modifications made to this classic car, from the Aston-style Zagato insert to the 68 Charger lights.

When Charles Schwab, the financial services company, sponsored a golf tournament called the Charles Schwab Challenge, they needed something special to promote their brand. They approached Steve Strope of Pure Vision Design to build a custom 1973 Dodge Challenger for the event. Steve took on the challenge and created a beautiful classic car that turned heads at the tournament and at SEMA.

The Idea Behind the Build

The 1973 Dodge Challenger was chosen as the base car for the build because Charles Schwab opened for business in 1973. The idea behind the build was to create a car that was unique, stylish, and would promote the Charles Schwab brand. Steve Strope and his team at Pure Vision Design had their work cut out for them.

Modifying the Bumpers

The 1973 Dodge Challenger’s bumpers were considered ugly, so Steve Strope decided to replace them with 70 or 71 bumper brackets and bumpers. This simple modification made a huge difference to the look of the car and transformed it into a thing of beauty.

Adding the Aston-style Zagato Insert

Steve Strope designed an Aston-style Zagato insert to fit over the trim of the car. This addition made the car look even more stylish and added to the overall aesthetic of the vehicle.

Replacing the Marker Lights

The original marker lights on the 1973 Dodge Challenger were large and unsightly, so Steve Strope decided to replace them with the Charger lights. This modification was a simple yet effective way to make the car look better.

Using 70 TA Challenger Spoilers

Steve Strope decided to use 70 TA Challenger spoilers for the rear and chin spoilers on the custom 1973 Dodge Challenger. These spoilers were a drop-in fit and added to the aggressive look of the car.

Customizing the Dodge Lettering

To add a unique touch to the car, Steve Strope replaced the Dodge lettering on the hood and tail panel with Schwab lettering. This customization was a subtle yet effective way to promote the Charles Schwab brand.

Building the Car in Just Three and a Half Months

Steve Strope, renowned for his exceptional craftsmanship, led the talented team at Pure Vision Design in a remarkable feat—constructing the custom 1973 Dodge Challenger in a mere three and a half months. Given the complexity of the project, this ambitious timeline posed a significant challenge. However, Strope and his team rose to the occasion, showcasing their expertise and dedication to delivering outstanding results.

Despite the demanding schedule, no compromises were made when it came to the quality and craftsmanship of the Challenger. Every aspect of the build was meticulously executed to meet Strope’s high standards. From the bodywork to the interior and everything in between, each detail received the utmost attention and care. The result is a truly remarkable machine that seamlessly combines classic design with modern performance.

The ability to complete such an extraordinary project within the given timeframe speaks volumes about the skill, efficiency, and teamwork of Steve Strope and his crew at Pure Vision Design. Their unwavering commitment to excellence, combined with their extensive knowledge and experience, enabled them to overcome the challenges and bring this exceptional 1973 Dodge Challenger to life.


The 1973 Dodge Challenger built by Pure Vision Design for the Charles Schwab Challenge is a stunning and unique vehicle that represents the golden era of American muscle cars. Steve and his team did an amazing job of taking an already beautiful car and making it even better with their custom modifications. The use of the 70-71 bumper brackets, poppers, and taillights, as well as the Aston style Zagato insert and billet Schwab letters, truly sets this car apart from the rest. It’s not just a car, it’s a work of art that showcases Pure Vision Design’s skill and dedication to their craft. Whether you’re a fan of muscle cars, golf, or just appreciate beautiful design, the 1973 Dodge Challenger built for the Charles Schwab Challenge is sure to impress.

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