Ford Galaxie 500: Unleashing Power with NASCAR Authority

Ford Galaxie 500: Unleashing Power with NASCAR Authority

The roar of a powerful engine, the sleek lines of a classic beauty, and the nostalgia of a bygone era—these are the elements that define the 1964 Ford Galaxie 500. But what sets this Galaxie apart from the rest is its heart, a true legend in the world of automotive engineering—the 427 SOHC Cammer engine. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating story of this iconic car and explore its incredible performance and craftsmanship.

The Story of the 1964 Ford Galaxie 500

The journey of the 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 began when its current owner, Bob, acquired it from a passionate Ford enthusiast named Joe Coogle. The car was in pristine condition, making it an ideal candidate for a remarkable project. Initially, Bob intended to sell the car and keep the legendary 427 SOHC Cammer engine, but fate had other plans.

Unveiling the Legendary 427 SOHC Cammer Engine

The 427 SOHC Cammer engine is a true masterpiece of engineering, originally built by Ford in the mid-1960s for NASCAR competition. Designed to rev up to 6000 RPM for extended periods, this powerhouse produced a staggering 635 horsepower. In a time when street cars barely reached 250 horsepower, the Cammer engine was an engineering marvel.

Although Ford completed the development of the 427 SOHC Cammer engine, NASCAR regulations required it to be installed in a production car. Unfortunately, Ford’s top brass decided against mass-producing the engine due to liability concerns. However, the original Cammer engine installed in this 1964 Galaxie 500 is an authentic piece of automotive history.

Customizing the Exterior

One of the notable exterior modifications is the hand-built steel hood, meticulously crafted to resemble a factory design. The fiberglass hood that originally came with the Galaxie was replaced to achieve a more appealing look, with the bubble reduced in size while maintaining the essence of the original design. Additionally, the front bumpers underwent a complete rework, with reshaped return ends for a sleeker appearance.

Suspension and Road Performance

To ensure an exceptional driving experience, the Galaxie 500 was equipped with a roadster-stop chassis and state-of-the-art suspension. This combination results in a ride quality that surpasses many modern cars. The carefully chosen ET wheels, coated and painted on the interiors, further enhance the car’s road performance and overall aesthetics.

Upholstery and Interior Details

The interior of the Galaxie 500 remains true to its 1964 origins. The car had a well-preserved interior, serving as a pattern for the talented team at Gabe Lopez Interiors. The stock patterns were used to recreate the upholstery, with the hides dyed to match the original color. The interior features classic gauges, meticulously double-up for a clean look, and a touch of modernity.

The Air Ride System

Incorporating modern comfort and convenience, the Galaxie 500 boasts an air ride system that allows for adjustable suspension settings. The air ride components are cleverly hidden to maintain the car’s vintage aesthetics. The trunk also underwent significant modifications to accommodate the air ride system, all meticulously executed to resemble a factory installation.

Upgraded Gauges and Trunk Modifications

To enhance the driving experience, the Galaxie 500 now features upgraded classic gauges, replacing the original idiot lights. With oil pressure, fuel, and voltage gauges, the driver has a more comprehensive view of the car’s vital signs. The trunk of the car also underwent modifications, including the addition of classic-looking stickers that mimic factory markings.

Driving the 635HP Beast

Now, the moment everyone has been waiting for—the driving experience. The Galaxie 500 with its 635 horsepower 427 SOHC Cammer engine is a true beast on the road. The engine’s distinctive sound fills the air, while the Tremec transmission ensures smooth gear shifts. The car’s immense power and effortless acceleration make it an absolute thrill to drive.

One of the challenges faced during the customization process was accommodating the Galaxie’s upgraded brakes. The six-piston Baer brakes with 14-inch rotors presented clearance issues with the 18-inch wheels. The rotors had to be carefully turned down to ensure a proper fit and account for heat expansion. Despite being a manual brake system, the Galaxie stops with precision and confidence.


In conclusion, the 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 with its 635HP NASCAR-powered 427 SOHC Cammer engine is a testament to the ingenuity and craftsmanship of the automotive industry. This iconic car represents a bygone era when power and performance were revered. Bob’s passion for the Galaxie and his commitment to preserving its authenticity while adding personalized touches have resulted in a truly remarkable vehicle. From the sleek exterior modifications to the meticulously designed interior, every aspect of the Galaxie 500 reflects the dedication and attention to detail that went into its restoration. Driving this beast is a thrilling experience that combines the nostalgia of the past with the exhilaration of modern performance. The 635HP Galaxie 500 is a true automotive gem that captivates enthusiasts and leaves a lasting impression on anyone lucky enough to experience its power on the road.

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