Meet the ’65 Ford Mustang: Garage-Built with a Powerful 427 Stroker Engine

Glenn’s ’65 Ford Mustang is a true testament to the beauty and craftsmanship of a garage-built project. In this article, we will delve into the story behind Glenn’s Mustang and explore the remarkable journey of transforming a classic car into a powerful machine. From the initial loan denial to the personal touch of a garage paint job, Glenn’s Mustang showcases the passion and dedication of a true car enthusiast.

The Story of Glenn’s ’65 Mustang

Glenn’s connection with his ’65 Mustang goes back to his early years in the Army. Despite facing a loan denial due to lack of collateral, Glenn’s father stepped in and made it possible for him to own the car. This act of support laid the foundation for a lifelong relationship between Glenn and his Mustang. While Glenn served in the military, the car remained stored at his parents’ house until he had the opportunity to turn it into a garage build project.

Building the Mustang

Glenn’s garage became the birthplace of his Mustang’s transformation. With limited resources but an abundance of determination, Glenn took on the challenge of painting the car himself. In a remarkable display of skill and dedication, he completed the entire paint job in his own garage. The result is a stunning finish that rivals professional work.

Under the hood, Glenn opted for a 351 Windsor engine, which he later stroked to a formidable 427. Enhancing the engine’s performance is a Borla stack injection system, meticulously crafted by renowned builder Dave Kindig. The significance of this build is further highlighted by the signatures of the individuals involved, including Dave Kindig himself, adorning the components.

Performance Upgrades

the individuals involved, including Dave Kindig himself, adorning the components. To complement the engine’s power, Glenn installed a TKO 600 transmission, providing smooth and precise shifts. The exhaust system is a work of art, featuring Doug’s headers specifically designed for a 351 Windsor in a Mustang with Mustang 2 suspension.

From the headers, the exhaust flows through three-inch stainless steel pipes. But Glenn’s ingenuity doesn’t stop there. He added cutouts that allow the exhaust to bypass the side pipes and exit through the rear when a more subdued sound is desired. For those thrilling moments, the exhaust can be directed straight out the side, offering an exhilarating roar.

Exterior and Interior Modifications

Glenn’s attention to detail extends to the exterior of his Mustang. Inspired by his love for knockoff-style wheels, he chose The Mach 5 wheels from Shot, which perfectly complement the classic lines of the ’65 Mustang.

To enhance the performance and drivability, Glenn narrowed the rear end and replaced it with a Quick Performance nine-inch unit. This upgrade ensures reliability and allows for optimal power delivery to the rear wheels.

Inside the cabin, Glenn struck a balance between preserving the original Mustang aesthetics and adding modern comfort. The door panels have been replaced, but the overall style remains true to the classic design. The seats, though reupholstered, maintain the original Mustang seats, reminding Glenn of the car’s heritage with every ride.

The Essence of the Garage Build

Glenn’s garage-built Mustang embodies the spirit of automotive passion and the joy of creating something unique. It showcases the perfect blend of power, safety, and personalization. While some may choose to pursue off-the-shelf options, Glenn’s decision to build his dream car from scratch highlights the satisfaction that comes from hands-on involvement. Every aspect of the car reflects Glenn’s personal choices and attention to detail, making it a truly one-of-a-kind vehicle.

Taking the Mustang for a Drive

Driving Glenn’s Mustang is an experience like no other. The power and performance of the 427 Stroker engine bring a smile to his face every time he presses the accelerator. With 500-600 horsepower at his disposal, the Mustang effortlessly accelerates, delivering a thrilling sensation that never fails to impress. The open side pipes create a symphony of engine notes, resonating with the true spirit of a muscle car.

Despite the raw power, the Mustang handles with finesse. Glenn’s careful suspension tuning and choice of components ensure that the car remains stable and responsive, even during spirited driving. The stiff yet comfortable ride quality allows Glenn to feel connected to the road, giving him the confidence to push the limits and revel in the sheer joy of driving his creation.


In conclusion, Glenn’s garage-built 427 Stroker ’65 Ford Mustang is a testament to the unwavering passion and relentless dedication of car enthusiasts. It serves as a shining example of the limitless possibilities that can be achieved when one’s automotive dreams are coupled with skillful craftsmanship and a vision for perfection. This Mustang not only embodies power and performance but also carries a profound sense of personal connection and pride. With every turn of the key, Glenn’s Mustang roars to life, telling a story of resilience, ingenuity, and the unwavering pursuit of automotive excellence. It stands as a reminder that the true beauty of a garage-built masterpiece lies not only in its tangible features but also in the intangible spirit that fuels its creation. Glenn’s Mustang is more than just a car; it’s a symbol of determination and the realization of a lifelong dream.

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