Powerful ’69 Camaro Widebody: 800HP Supercharged Beast

The 1969 Camaro is an iconic American muscle car that has captivated automobile enthusiasts for decades. With its powerful performance and classic design, it continues to be a favorite among car enthusiasts. One particular ’69 Camaro stands out from the rest – the 800HP Supercharged ’69 Camaro Widebody built by Born Vintage Custom Fab. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating details of this exceptional vehicle and explore the craftsmanship behind its creation.

The Platform: A Chassis Build

The Supercharged ’69 Camaro Widebody is a testament to Born Vintage Custom Fab’s expertise in building exceptional muscle cars. With meticulous attention to detail, they have created a masterpiece that combines classic aesthetics with modern performance. The foundation of this remarkable vehicle is a carefully constructed chassis, utilizing renowned Detroit Speed (DSE) subframe and quadrilink rear suspension components. These high-performance elements provide the car with structural integrity and superior handling capabilities, ensuring an exhilarating driving experience.

Born Vintage Custom Fab’s craftsmanship extends to every aspect of the Supercharged ’69 Camaro Widebody. From the handcrafted bumpers and deck lid to the integrated wing and meticulously designed widebody, every detail has been carefully considered. The aim was to preserve the iconic essence of a ’69 Camaro while infusing it with aggressive touches and a pro touring style. The result is a visually striking car that exudes power and sophistication.

Under the hood, the Supercharged ’69 Camaro Widebody boasts a formidable 800 horsepower. The heart of this beast is a supercharged 441-cubic-inch LS7 engine, delivering impressive performance and exhilarating acceleration. Combined with custom stainless steel headers and a Tramx six-speed TKO transmission, this car offers both power and precision. With its widebody design, exceptional performance, and meticulous craftsmanship, the Supercharged ’69 Camaro Widebody is a true testament to the artistry and skill of Born Vintage Custom Fab.

Metalwork Magic: Custom Design and Modifications

Born Vintage Custom Fab’s exceptional metalwork skills are on full display in their transformation of the ’69 Camaro into a widebody masterpiece. Every detail has been carefully considered and meticulously executed. The handmade bumpers, rear deck lid, and wing not only capture the essence of the original ’69 Camaro design but also add a contemporary and aggressive flair. By removing the drip rails and incorporating flush-fit glass, the team achieved a seamless and sleek appearance. The widened front fenders further enhance the vehicle’s commanding presence on the road.

In addition to the striking exterior design, the Supercharged ’69 Camaro Widebody showcases Born Vintage Custom Fab’s commitment to performance. The widebody modification was not only for aesthetics but also served a functional purpose. It allowed for a lower stance while still accommodating a 275 front tire, thanks to the use of coilovers. This means that the car can handle tight turns with ease, making it ideal for both spirited drives and track use. The attention to detail in the metalwork extends to the interior as well, with custom fabrication of the dash and the installation of Dakota gauges and vintage air conditioning.

Powering the Supercharged ’69 Camaro Widebody is an impressive 441-cubic-inch LS7 engine built by ERL Performance. Equipped with a supercharger, this beast produces around 800 horsepower and 750 torque at the wheels. The engine is complemented by custom-made stainless steel headers and a Tramx six-speed TKO transmission. The result is an exhilarating and reliable performance machine. Born Vintage Custom Fab’s commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of this build, from the meticulous metalwork to the high-performance drivetrain, making the Supercharged ’69 Camaro Widebody a true automotive masterpiece.

Unleashing the Beast: The Engine and Performance

The Supercharged ’69 Camaro Widebody is powered by a formidable 441 cubic inch ERL LS7 engine, custom-built by ERL Performance. This high-performance engine packs a punch with an astonishing output of 800 horsepower and 750 lb-ft of torque. The addition of a supercharger further amplifies the power delivery, resulting in a thrilling and adrenaline-pumping driving experience.

To harness the immense power generated by the engine, the Supercharged ’69 Camaro Widebody is equipped with a Tremec six-speed TKO transmission. This transmission system ensures precise and seamless gear shifts, allowing the driver to fully exploit the vehicle’s potential. Whether cruising on the highway or tearing up the racetrack, the combination of the powerful engine and well-matched transmission provides an exhilarating and dynamic driving experience.

Masterful Exterior: Styling and Aerodynamics

Born Vintage Custom Fab’s dedication to detail is evident in the exquisite exterior design of the Supercharged ’69 Camaro Widebody. The team’s expert craftsmanship is showcased in the meticulously handcrafted aluminum front bumper, which seamlessly blends with the custom grille, resulting in a cohesive and aggressive look.

The widebody transformation, achieved through precise and skillful metalwork, gives the vehicle an imposing presence on the road. This modification not only enhances the aesthetics but also allows for the fitment of wider tires while maintaining a low and aggressive profile. The result is a visually striking car that demands attention wherever it goes.

Adding to the overall allure are the forged-line wheels, featuring a mesmerizing matte bronze finish with a contrasting black lip. This color combination not only complements the predominantly white exterior but also adds a touch of sophistication and visual appeal. The attention to detail in the exterior design of the Supercharged ’69 Camaro Widebody is a testament to Born Vintage Custom Fab’s unwavering commitment to creating automotive masterpieces.

Attention to Detail: Interior and Comfort

The interior of the Supercharged ’69 Camaro Widebody exemplifies the team’s commitment to craftsmanship and aesthetic excellence. Born Vintage Custom Fab paid meticulous attention to detail in creating a captivating cabin space. The seats, sourced from Scat, were custom-cut to achieve a seamless and unobstructed view inside the cabin.

Renowned interior specialist Ron Mangus worked his magic on the interior, blending modern comforts with a classic design. The dashboard boasts Dakota gauges, providing essential information to the driver while maintaining a vintage charm. The inclusion of vintage air conditioning adds to the overall comfort and enhances the nostalgic appeal of the car.

Born Vintage Custom Fab’s dedication to creating a harmonious interior is evident in every detail. The combination of modern amenities and a classic design aesthetic creates a truly unique and inviting cabin environment. The team’s commitment to craftsmanship shines through, making the Supercharged ’69 Camaro Widebody a pleasure to be in.

In summary, the interior of the Supercharged ’69 Camaro Widebody showcases the team’s dedication to craftsmanship, aesthetics, and comfort. From the custom-cut seats to the meticulously crafted dashboard, every element is thoughtfully designed to create an inviting and nostalgic experience for both the driver and passengers. Born Vintage Custom Fab’s attention to detail ensures that the interior complements the car’s powerful performance and striking exterior, making it a complete package for automotive enthusiasts.

Driving Experience: The Thrill of the Road

Behind the wheel of the Supercharged ’69 Camaro Widebody, drivers can experience the perfect fusion of power, agility, and style. The car’s low stance, attained through suspension modifications and body dropping, enhances its handling capabilities and delivers exceptional stability on the road. With its 275 front tires and coilovers, the vehicle remains highly responsive, allowing for confident and spirited driving experiences. The presence of Willwood brakes ensures superior stopping power, while the absence of a booster in the engine bay contributes to a clean and uncluttered aesthetic.

The Supercharged ’69 Camaro Widebody offers an exhilarating driving experience, combining power, agility, and style in perfect harmony. Its low stance, responsive suspension, and impressive braking capabilities contribute to exceptional handling and control. With its striking design and attention to detail, this car is a testament to Born Vintage Custom Fab’s commitment to delivering a truly remarkable driving machine. Whether cruising down the highway or carving through corners, the Supercharged ’69 Camaro Widebody offers an unforgettable ride that will leave enthusiasts craving for more.


The 800HP Supercharged ’69 Camaro Widebody by Born Vintage Custom Fab represents the pinnacle of automotive craftsmanship and performance. From its meticulously handcrafted metalwork to its monstrous engine and attention to detail in the interior, this custom-built masterpiece showcases the team’s passion and expertise. Driving this iconic American muscle car is an experience that combines power, style, and the thrill of the road.

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