Revving Up Perfection: Unleash the Thrills of the 4K Roush Supercharged 5.0 Coyote 1969 Ford Mustang Pro-Touring Fastback


The 1969 Ford Mustang Pro-Touring Fastback is a stunning restomod that combines the classic appeal of a 1969 Mustang with modern performance enhancements. In this article, we will explore the features and upgrades of this exceptional vehicle, with a particular focus on the 4K Roush Supercharged 5.0 Coyote engine that lies at its core.

Power and Performance

At the heart of this Pro-Touring Fastback is a formidable 5.0 Coyote engine. This second-generation Ford Mustang engine brings an impressive power output to the table. But that’s not all. To further boost its performance, a Roush Supercharger kit has been integrated into the engine setup. This supercharger adds a thrilling level of power and torque, making every drive an exhilarating experience.

To ensure optimal performance, the engine is equipped with a cold air intake system. This system improves airflow, allowing the engine to breathe more efficiently and achieve better combustion. Additionally, a massive CNR aluminum radiator with dual electric fans keeps the engine cool even under intense driving conditions, ensuring reliable performance.

Exterior Features

The exterior of the 1969 Ford Mustang Pro-Touring Fastback is a sight to behold. Painted in a sleek factory 4 Tuxedo Black with a high gloss finish, this Mustang exudes elegance and sophistication. The color reflects light at every corner, highlighting the car’s curves and contours.

The design of the Mustang is further enhanced with a Shelby-inspired hood. This addition not only adds a touch of classic style but also improves airflow to the engine, contributing to its overall performance.

Resto-modded LED headlights with a distinctive DRL split line feature provide ample lighting during the day and night, ensuring excellent visibility. This means you can enjoy driving this beauty any time, regardless of lighting conditions.

Adding to the Mustang’s allure are the custom two-piece Shelby racing wheels. These 18-inch wheels, complemented by high-performance Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 tires, not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also offer superb traction, ensuring a thrilling and stable ride.

To further enhance the Mustang’s performance, four-way black Wilwood disc brakes with drilled and slotted rotors have been installed. This braking system provides exceptional stopping power, ensuring your safety and control on the road.

Interior Comfort and Technology

Step inside the 1969 Ford Mustang Pro-Touring Fastback, and you’ll be greeted by a fully custom leather and suede interior. The combination of leather and suede gives the cabin a classic yet luxurious feel, providing both comfort and style.

Digital Decoded gauges adorn the dashboard, providing clear and accurate information about the vehicle’s performance. These modern gauges not only add a contemporary touch to the interior but also offer improved functionality and readability.

For an immersive audio experience, this Mustang is equipped with a vocal sound system featuring Bluetooth connectivity. Whether you’re cruising down the highway or enjoying a spirited drive, you can connect your devices and enjoy your favorite music with excellent sound quality.

The entertainment system is further enhanced by a custom-mounted high-end subwoofer, which adds depth and richness to the audio output. Combined with the six Focal speakers strategically placed throughout the car, this system delivers an unparalleled audio experience.

In terms of convenience, the 1969 Ford Mustang Pro-Touring Fastback offers power windows and air conditioning. These modern features make driving this classic car a comfortable and enjoyable experience, regardless of the weather outside.

Chassis and Suspension Upgrades

To ensure exceptional handling and stability, this Mustang rests on a solid foundation. It started with a super solid underbody and the installation of a Chris Alston’s Full Chassis Works subframe during the complete restoration process.

The chassis upgrades continue with the installation of Chris Alston’s subframe connectors. These connectors are not simply bolted on but welded in, ensuring maximum strength and rigidity. They contribute to improved chassis stiffness, reducing flex and enhancing overall handling performance.

Moving to the rear suspension, a RideTech triangulated four-link setup is employed. Combined with RideTech adjustable coilovers, this rear suspension system delivers excellent traction and allows for precise tuning to suit various driving conditions.

The setup is connected to a nine-inch rear end with 3.70 gearing and a Detroit locker. This ensures optimal power delivery to the rear wheels and improves traction, eliminating the one-legged burnouts commonly associated with older Mustangs.


In conclusion, the 4K Roush Supercharged 5.0 Coyote 1969 Ford Mustang Pro-Touring Fastback is a true masterpiece that seamlessly combines the iconic design of a classic Mustang with modern performance and luxury. This meticulously restored and upgraded Mustang is a testament to the passion and expertise of its builders.

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