Ruffian Mustang: A 625 HP ‘Boss 427’ All-Steel Widebody Muscle Car

Ruffian Mustang: A 625 HP 'Boss 427' All-Steel Widebody Muscle Car

If ever there was a love-hate relationship with a car, the Ruffian Mustang embodies it perfectly. Built by Chris Ashton, a graphic designer and self-taught car builder, this 1970 Mustang defies conventions and sets new standards. From its captivating presence on the internet to its remarkable performance on the road, the Ruffian Mustang has become a legend in its own right.

From Passion to Creation

Chris Ashton’s journey from graphic design and computer game development to car building is a testament to the power of following one’s passion. Combining his love for cars with his artistic skills, Ashton ventured into the realm of automotive customization, starting from scratch with his very first car. Armed with determination, countless hours of research, and a sheer love for the craft, he began his journey to build something extraordinary.

Breaking Barriers

What started as a personal project quickly gained attention on the internet and social media platforms. The Ruffian Mustang, with its all-steel widebody and aggressive stance, became an overnight sensation. Astonishingly, Ashton had no prior experience in the automotive industry. Nevertheless, he fearlessly embraced the challenges and poured his heart into every detail of the build, captivating car enthusiasts around the world.

The unexpected success of the Ruffian Mustang propelled Chris Ashton into a new career path. Recognizing the demand for his unique creations, he founded Ruffian Cars, a company dedicated to building exceptional automobiles. With the growth of his business came the realization of a dream—a brand-new shop equipped with state-of-the-art tools and a passionate team of skilled individuals who share Ashton’s vision.

Unleashing Power: The LS3 Engine

While purists might scoff at the idea of an LS3 engine in a Mustang, Chris Ashton saw it as an opportunity to unleash the car’s true potential. The LS3’s impressive power-to-weight ratio and affordability made it an ideal choice for the Ruffian Mustang. Aston carefully fine-tuned the carburetor setup, ensuring that the engine delivers exhilarating performance while maintaining its distinct character.

Perfecting the Details

Beyond the engine, the Ruffian Mustang’s unique appeal lies in its meticulous attention to detail. Ashton’s mastery of the planishing hammer and English wheel enabled him to craft custom steel bodywork and fender flares that seamlessly integrate with the car’s original lines. Every curve and contour was meticulously shaped to enhance aerodynamics and give the Mustang an unmistakable presence on the road.

Performance Upgrades

To achieve uncompromising handling, Chris Ashton employed a range of performance upgrades. Heim jointed suspension components provide superior adjustability and responsiveness, allowing the driver to precisely control the car’s behavior. The Shelby Drop modification further improves cornering capabilities, ensuring maximum grip in every turn. The rear axle and differential were upgraded with performance-oriented components to maximize traction and deliver power to the ground.

Racing DNA

The Ruffian Mustang’s purpose-built design showcases Chris Ashton’s passion for autocrossing. It is a car meticulously engineered for low-speed, high-grip performance. Every aspect, from the torquey LS3 engine to the optimized gear ratios, is tailored to deliver a thrilling racing experience. The driver is treated to precise steering feedback, unparalleled control, and a symphony of raw power as they navigate through challenging courses.

The Ultimate Driving Experience

Driving the Ruffian Mustang is an experience unlike any other. Its manual transmission allows the driver to establish an intimate connection with the car, feeling every gear change and rev of the engine. The marriage of power, aesthetics, and handling transforms every drive into a symphony of adrenaline and exhilaration. The Ruffian Mustang is a testament to the art of driving, designed to ignite the passion of every enthusiast fortunate enough to get behind the wheel.


Chris Ashton’s Ruffian Mustang represents the indomitable spirit of a self-taught car builder who followed his passion and created something truly remarkable. From the humble beginnings of a personal project, Ashton’s journey has taken him to the forefront of the automotive customization industry. The impact of the Ruffian Mustang extends far beyond its eye-catching design and raw power—it serves as an inspiration to car enthusiasts worldwide, reminding us all that with dedication, skill, and a burning passion, dreams can become a reality. As Chris Ashton and Ruffian Cars continue to push the boundaries of automotive design, the future holds exciting possibilities for those who seek the thrill of the open road and the pursuit of automotive excellence.

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