The 1971 Plymouth Hemicuda Convertible: A Rare American Muscle Car

The 1971 Plymouth Hemicuda Convertible is a legendary muscle car that stands out as one of the most iconic and sought-after vehicles in automotive history. With its powerful engine, stunning design, and limited production numbers, this Hemicuda holds a special place in the hearts of car enthusiasts worldwide. In this article, we will delve into the features, history, and allure of the 1971 Plymouth Hemicuda Convertible.

The Rarity and Significance of the 1971 Plymouth Hemicuda Convertible

The 1971 Plymouth Hemicuda Convertible is an incredibly rare car, with only 11 units produced during its production year. The low production numbers contribute to its desirability among collectors and enthusiasts. Owning one of these vehicles was a privilege back then, and it remains an exclusive opportunity today.

The Hemicuda, short for Hemi Barracuda, was a variant of the Plymouth Barracuda, a renowned muscle car from the early 1970s. Chrysler produced the Hemicuda as a response to the increasing demand for high-performance vehicles in the market. The 1971 model year marked a significant decline in sales, making these cars exceptionally rare and valuable.

The Design and Styling Elements

The design and styling elements of the 1971 Plymouth Hemicuda Convertible are nothing short of breathtaking. This iconic muscle car showcases a perfect blend of classic American aesthetics and unique touches that set it apart from the crowd.

Starting with the front end, the Hemicuda Convertible features an aggressive grille that exudes power and dominance. The hood pins add a touch of nostalgia, harkening back to the golden age of muscle cars. However, the true standout element is the legendary Hemi Cuda shaker hood scoop, which not only enhances the car’s performance but also serves as a visual statement of its raw power.

Moving along the sides, the Hemicuda Convertible sports a bold black and white “billboard” stripe that proudly displays the word “Hemi.” This stripe, combined with the muscular fenders and gills, creates an imposing and unmistakable presence on the road. The steel rally wheels, painted with raised white letter tires, further enhance the car’s aggressive stance and attitude.

At the rear, the Hemicuda Convertible continues to impress with its blacked-out tail panel and twin chrome exhaust tips. These elements, combined with the overall sculpted shape of the car, contribute to its aerodynamic prowess and exude a sense of power even when the car is at rest.

In terms of overall aesthetics, the 1971 Plymouth Hemicuda Convertible is a masterpiece of design. Its combination of toothy grille, hood pins, shaker hood scoop, and striking stripes create a visually stunning package that commands attention and respect. This car is a true testament to the golden era of American muscle cars, and its design elements continue to captivate enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Powertrain and Performance

Under the hood, the 1971 Plymouth Hemicuda Convertible packs a mighty punch. It features a 425 horsepower Chrysler Hemi V8 engine with a displacement of 426 cubic inches.

The engine’s dual quad setup, fed by two Carter four-barrel carbs, allows the Hemicuda to deliver breathtaking performance. With a 727 automatic transmission and a Dana 60 3.23:1 rear end, this convertible is not only powerful but also highly drivable.

The Interior

The interior of the 1971 Plymouth Hemicuda Convertible is a harmonious blend of style, comfort, and performance. Step inside, and you’ll be greeted by a cockpit designed with the driver in mind, providing an immersive and engaging experience. The first thing that catches your eye is the sporty and ergonomic layout of the dashboard. The instrument cluster features clear and easy-to-read gauges, allowing the driver to monitor the car’s vital information at a glance. The center console houses the controls for various functions, including climate control and audio system, ensuring convenience and accessibility.

The seats in the Hemicuda Convertible are designed to provide both comfort and support during spirited driving. Wrapped in high-quality upholstery, they offer a perfect balance between plushness and firmness. The bucket seats hold you in place, instilling a sense of confidence and control, whether you’re cruising on the highway or tackling tight corners. The attention to detail in the interior is remarkable. From the use of premium materials to the carefully crafted finishes, every element reflects the car’s luxurious appeal. Chrome accents and polished surfaces add a touch of sophistication, while the use of high-quality materials enhances the overall tactile experience.

Despite being a convertible, the Hemicuda Convertible’s interior is surprisingly quiet and well-insulated, providing a comfortable and serene driving environment. With the top down, you can enjoy the wind in your hair and the freedom of open-air motoring, creating a truly immersive driving experience.

Driving Experience and Legacy

While the Hemicuda Convertible may seem like an unconventional choice for a performance vehicle due to its open-top design, it was primarily marketed as a high-profile street machine rather than a track racer. The combination of its stunning looks and the legendary Hemi engine ensured that heads turned wherever it went. The Hemicuda’s reputation as a top-tier muscle car has solidified its place in automotive history.

Over the years, the 1971 Plymouth Hemicuda Convertible has become an extremely desirable collector car. Restorations of these vehicles have taken place to preserve their original beauty and performance. Due to their rarity and the iconic status they hold, Hemicudas command significant value in the collector car market. Examples in pristine condition can fetch prices well into the seven-figure range.


The 1971 Plymouth Hemicuda Convertible represents the epitome of American muscle car engineering and design. Its limited production numbers, iconic styling, and powerhouse engine make it a true automotive gem. Whether it’s the rarity, performance, or aesthetics, the Hemicuda continues to captivate the hearts and minds of enthusiasts worldwide.

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