The 1972 Dodge Demon: A Compact Muscle Car That Packs a Punch

If you’re a fan of Mopar muscle cars, the 1972 Dodge Demon is undoubtedly a model that commands attention. With its beautiful color combinations, iconic styling, and an unmistakable sound, the Demon holds a special place in the hearts of car enthusiasts. In this article, we’ll explore the allure of the 1972 Dodge Demon, discussing its design, performance, and overall appeal. So buckle up and get ready to dive into the world of this remarkable classic car.

Overview of the 1972 Dodge Demon

The 1972 Dodge Demon holds a significant place in the history of muscle cars. As a compact performance vehicle, it offered an exciting combination of power and style. The ’72 model, in particular, garnered attention due to its unique features and vibrant color options. Car enthusiasts and collectors alike are drawn to the allure of this iconic Mopar creation.

During the early 1970s, the American automotive industry was in the midst of a horsepower war, with manufacturers striving to outdo one another in terms of performance and design. Dodge, a brand known for its high-performance vehicles, introduced the Demon as a response to the growing demand for compact muscle cars.

Design and Features of the 1972 Dodge Demon

One cannot help but be captivated by the striking design of the 1972 Dodge Demon. Its color combinations, including the one we’re focusing on today, are truly eye-catching. The vehicle’s vibrant exterior is accentuated by distinct features such as the snorkel hood and emblematic badges. These elements come together to create a visual spectacle that turns heads wherever it goes.

When examining the details, we find that the front bumper of this particular Demon has been replaced, likely during its lifetime. However, it still retains the authentic character of the original design. The chin spoiler adds a touch of aggression, further enhancing the car’s overall appeal. The grille remains in great shape, a testament to the care taken by its previous owners.

At a glance, the Demon’s body alignment and paint quality impress. However, a closer look reveals some imperfections, particularly on the bottom of the hood. While these minor flaws may be noticeable, they do not detract from the overall beauty of the vehicle. The Cragar SS wheels fitted to this Demon perfectly complement its aesthetic, adding a touch of classic charm.

Performance and Mechanics

Under the hood, the 1972 Dodge Demon packs a punch. Originally equipped with a 318 engine from the factory, this particular model has undergone a conversion to a more potent 340 engine. The result is a motor that delivers exhilarating performance and an unmistakable exhaust note. The Demon’s engine is known for its distinct idle characteristics, which produce a deep and cam-like sound.

It’s a motor that simply sounds nice and leaves a lasting impression. When behind the wheel, you’ll experience the thrill of driving a true muscle car, with power and acceleration that won’t disappoint. To ensure the driving experience is both enjoyable and safe, the Demon features power brakes. Additionally, the dual snorkel hood not only adds to the car’s aesthetic appeal but also serves a functional purpose, providing improved airflow to the engine. The inclusion of these features demonstrates the commitment to performance that Mopar enthusiasts appreciate.

Interior and Comfort

Stepping inside the 1972 Dodge Demon reveals a well-maintained interior that exudes nostalgia. Despite being a compact car, it offers ample headroom, accommodating even taller individuals comfortably. The interior components, including the dash, door panels, and armrest pad, remain in original condition, showcasing the car’s authenticity.

The steering wheel, complete with its original wood grain accents, is a detail that sets this Demon apart. While some may be tempted to replace it, retaining the original steering wheel adds to the car’s charm and historical value. The door jambs display high-quality paintwork, and the window felts, likely original, have stood the test of time. Other interior features, such as the headliner and dome light, are in excellent condition. The rearview mirror is a recent addition, ensuring clear visibility while driving. Overall, the interior of the Demon reflects the care taken by its previous owners, maintaining its originality and vintage appeal.

Evaluating the Condition

When assessing the condition of the 1972 Dodge Demon, several aspects stand out. The body alignment, including the quarter panel and door, is precise and visually pleasing. However, minor paint imperfections can be observed upon close inspection. These imperfections, though small, should be noted, as they contribute to the car’s unique character.

The trunk lid fits snugly, showcasing the attention to detail given during restoration. The back spoiler adds a touch of aggression and enhances the overall look of the car. It’s important to mention that, while examining the top of the trunk, a few paint imperfections and solvent pops are noticeable, though they don’t significantly detract from the car’s beauty.

The lower body of the Demon impresses, with clean lines along the quarter panel and wheel well. The rocker panel and corner of the door exhibit exceptional craftsmanship, further adding to the vehicle’s overall quality. Dual sport mirrors and the distinctive wing windows enhance the Demon’s retro style, while also providing functionality.

Test Drive

Now, it’s time to experience the 1972 Dodge Demon on the road. With its powerful 340 engine and four-speed transmission, this car promises an exhilarating driving experience. Despite its long idle, the Demon’s engine comes to life as you hit the accelerator, producing a growl that can’t help but put a smile on your face.

During the test drive, it’s worth noting that the brakes require some adjustments to ensure optimal performance. However, the power brakes still offer reliable stopping power. The car handles well, providing a sense of confidence on the road. The Demon’s strong oil pressure and functioning gauges demonstrate its mechanical health.

As you sit behind the wheel, you’ll appreciate the ample headroom, allowing for a comfortable driving position. The radio, though it produces some static, adds to the nostalgic atmosphere, taking you back to the era when this Demon first ruled the roads. The wipers work flawlessly, a testament to the car’s overall functionality and attention to detail.


In summary, the 1972 Dodge Demon is a standout vehicle that offers a unique driving experience. From its vibrant exterior to its powerful 340 engine, this car combines style and performance in a way that few others can match. While some minor imperfections exist, they only add to the car’s character and charm. If you’re in search of a classic Mopar muscle car that turns heads and delivers exhilarating performance, the 1972 Dodge Demon is an excellent choice.

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