The Legendary 1970 Chevrolet Nova Yenko Deuce: A Muscle Car Icon

If you’re a Chevrolet enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of the legendary Yenko Chevrolet name. Don Yenko, the man behind the name, operated a dealership where he sold high-performance versions of Chevrolet cars. It all started back in 1965 with the Yenko Stinger Corvair, and from there, the Yenko legacy grew with the immensely popular Yenko Camaros and Yenko Chevelles. In this article, we’ll delve into one of the lesser-known but equally remarkable Yenko creations: the Yenko Deuce Nova.

The Yenko Stinger Corvair: A High-Performance Icon

The Yenko story begins with the Yenko Stinger Corvair, a car that turned heads with its exceptional performance. Don Yenko transformed the Corvair, a compact car known for its rear-engine layout, into a true high-performance machine.

The Yenko Stinger Corvair featured various upgrades, including suspension enhancements, engine modifications, and stylish exterior additions. It quickly gained a reputation for its impressive speed and handling, establishing Yenko as a force to be reckoned with in the performance car scene.

Evolution of Yenko Camaros: Power and Popularity

As Yenko’s reputation grew, so did the demand for his high-performance creations. The Yenko Camaros became the crown jewels of his lineup. These specially modified Camaros were sought after by enthusiasts who craved power and style. Yenko’s expertise in maximizing performance led to the installation of powerful engines, upgraded suspensions, and distinctive visual enhancements. The Yenko Camaros became icons of their time, capturing the hearts of muscle car enthusiasts across the country.

Among the remarkable Yenko offerings, the Yenko Deuce Nova stands out as a testament to Don Yenko’s ingenuity. In 1970, Yenko took the Nova, a lightweight and budget-friendly economy car, and transformed it into a true muscle car. The highlight of the Yenko Deuce Nova was its engine: the LT1 350, a small-block powerhouse sourced from the Corvette. By combining the Nova’s lightweight body with the potent LT1 engine, Yenko created a car that packed a punch while remaining under the radar of insurance companies.

Power and Performance of the Yenko Deuce

The Yenko Deuce Nova wasn’t just about raw power; it also boasted several notable features that contributed to its overall appeal. The striking Hugger Orange color, with its vibrant and attention-grabbing presence, added to the car’s visual allure. Adorned with a distinctive Yenko stripe, which started at the front and continued down the sides, over the quarter panels, and onto the rear deck lid, the Yenko Deuce Nova commanded attention wherever it went. The stamped steel wheels, devoid of trim rings, further emphasized the car’s no-nonsense, performance-oriented aesthetic.

Inside the Yenko Deuce Nova, simplicity and functionality took center stage. The interior was designed to be stripped-down and focused on speed. It featured a bench seat, a floor shifter, and a rubber mat on the floor, eschewing lavish amenities in favor of weight reduction. Yenko cleverly marketed the car as practical, highlighting its spacious rear seat and ample trunk space. However, true enthusiasts knew that the less weight carried in the car, the faster it would go. The Yenko Deuce Nova’s minimal ornamentation consisted of the Yenko Dew sticker on the door panel and the iconic hood tack, leaving no distractions on the dashboard and allowing drivers to focus solely on their straight-line acceleration.

The Yenko Deuce Nova’s rarity and authenticity make it an object of desire for collectors and muscle car enthusiasts. With only 175 units produced, and a mere 10 finished in Hugger Orange, genuine examples are highly coveted. It’s worth noting that many replicas and clones exist, but one key indicator of authenticity is the presence of a VIN stamped on the engine block, matching the car’s VIN. Identifying a true Yenko Deuce Nova is crucial for those seeking to own a piece of automotive history.

Design and Features: A No-Nonsense Approach

The Yenko Deuce Nova’s appearance perfectly complemented its performance-oriented nature. Adorned in a vibrant Hugger Orange color, the car featured a white Yenko stripe that started at the front, ran along the sides, and continued over the quarter panel and rear deck lid.

The Yenko Deuce Nova sported stamped steel wheels without trim rings, adding to its no-frills aesthetic. Inside, the car boasted a simplistic design, featuring a bench seat, floor shifter, and a rubber mat instead of carpeting. Yenko positioned the car as a practical option, highlighting its spacious rear seat and ample trunk space.


The interior of the Yenko Deuce Nova exemplified a no-frills approach focused on performance. Stepping inside, you were greeted by a simple yet purposeful design. The bench seat provided ample space for both the driver and passengers, ensuring a comfortable ride. With a floor shifter at your fingertips, gear changes were quick and precise, adding to the car’s dynamic driving experience.

While luxury features were absent, the interior of the Yenko Deuce Nova showcased practicality and functionality. Instead of carpeting, a durable rubber mat covered the floor, allowing for easy cleaning after an exhilarating ride. This stripped-down approach emphasized weight reduction, further enhancing the car’s impressive speed and acceleration.

One standout feature of the Yenko Deuce Nova’s interior was its focus on driver engagement. The absence of excessive ornamentation and distractions meant that all attention was directed towards the road ahead. With the Yenko Dew sticker on the door panel and the iconic hood tack, the interior exuded a sense of purpose and performance.

The Yenko Deuce Nova may have lacked the luxurious trappings of some other models, but it made up for it with its practicality and racing heritage. The spacious rear seat provided comfort for additional passengers, while the generous trunk space offered ample room for storage. Yenko cleverly marketed these features as selling points, allowing buyers to justify their purchase by highlighting the car’s everyday usability.

Overall, the interior of the Yenko Deuce Nova perfectly complemented its performance-focused exterior. With its simplistic design, durable materials, and driver-oriented features, the interior of this iconic muscle car offered an immersive and engaging driving experience that was hard to match. Step inside the Yenko Deuce Nova, and you would immediately feel the sense of purpose and excitement that defined this extraordinary vehicle.

Suspension and Transmission: Built for Speed

To ensure the Yenko Deuce Nova’s performance prowess extended beyond its engine, Yenko equipped the car with various suspension upgrades. The F41 package brought heavy-duty shocks and sway bars, providing improved handling and stability. Buyers could opt for either a Muncie M21 four-speed manual transmission or a Turbo 400 automatic transmission. The rear axle featured a GM 12-bolt configuration with 4.30 gears, perfectly suited for drag racing.

The Yenko Deuce Nova, although relatively unknown compared to its Camaro counterpart, holds its own in terms of rarity. Only 175 Yenko Deuce Novas were produced, with a mere 10 of them finished in Hugger Orange. This particular Yenko Deuce Nova showcased in the Brothers Collection is one of the finest examples in existence. It’s important to note that many replicas or tribute cars exist, so discerning the authenticity of a genuine Yenko Deuce Nova is crucial. One way to identify an original is by checking for a VIN stamped on the engine block, matching the car’s VIN.

The Yenko Legacy and Further Exploration

The Yenko Deuce Nova represents an era when performance cars faced challenges from insurance companies. Don Yenko’s solution was to offer a car that could fly under the radar, disguised as an economy model while packing an impressive punch.

The Yenko legacy lives on through the stories and experiences of those lucky enough to encounter these rare and remarkable vehicles. For more information on Yenko cars, including the Deuce Nova, be sure to visit, a comprehensive resource for all things Yenko.


The Yenko Deuce Nova remains a testament to Don Yenko’s ingenuity and his ability to create high-performance vehicles with a practical twist. This lightweight powerhouse, equipped with the potent LT1 350 engine, showcased the perfect blend of power and subtlety. Its limited production numbers and distinctive features make it a highly sought-after collectible today. The Yenko Deuce Nova stands as a reminder of the innovative solutions born out of the muscle car era, captivating the hearts of car enthusiasts with its performance and charm.

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