Turbo Buick Grand National Sleeper: Unleashing 650WHP Power!

In the world of high-performance cars, the Buick Grand National holds a special place. Originally introduced in the 1980s, the Grand National gained popularity for its impressive speed and powerful performance. In recent times, car enthusiasts have taken on the challenge of enhancing the Grand National’s potential even further. One such remarkable build is the 650whp Turbo Buick Grand National Sleeper, which has gained significant attention on YouTube. In this article, we’ll dive into the details of this extraordinary V6 muscle car and explore its impressive features.

The Build Begins

The Turbo Buick Grand National Sleeper we’re discussing here is a project initiated by Jeremy for his friend, Jimmy. It all started when Jeremy successfully got the car running, igniting Jimmy’s curiosity about its true capabilities. However, Jimmy’s interest didn’t stop there. Just three days later, he contacted Jeremy again, this time expressing a desire to push the boundaries of the car even further.

What began as a simple engine build soon turned into a full-scale transformation. Jeremy and his team delved into various areas of the car, including the transmission, where they performed necessary work to ensure optimal performance. Additionally, they opted for the Holley ECU system from Cruise Performance in Florida, enhancing the car’s overall efficiency. As the project progressed, customizations extended to a hand-fabricated front mount and a fully built, production-block-based engine. Equipped with a six-four-six-six ball bearing precision turbo and an upgraded exhaust housing, this Grand National Sleeper had the potential to deliver a thrilling experience on the road.

Powertrain Upgrades

The engine at the core of the Turbo Buick Grand National Sleeper is a true powerhouse. Featuring a production block that has been enhanced and strengthened, this V6 engine delivers impressive performance and exhilarating power. With its forged rotating assembly, high-quality cylinder heads, and carefully selected bolt-on components, this engine is designed to withstand the demands of high-performance driving.

One of the standout features of the Turbo Buick Grand National Sleeper’s engine is the inclusion of a precision turbocharger. The turbocharger, a six-four-six-six ball bearing precision unit, provides exceptional boost and enhances the engine’s power output. Coupled with an exhaust housing featuring a .85 AR rating, this turbocharger ensures efficient exhaust gas flow, maximizing performance and delivering an exhilarating driving experience.

The engine of the Turbo Buick Grand National Sleeper is tuned to produce an impressive amount of power. While the car is currently running at a conservative 15 pounds of boost, it is capable of generating approximately 550 horsepower at the wheels. This level of power is a testament to the engine’s capabilities and the careful engineering that went into its construction.

The Turbo Buick Grand National Sleeper’s engine is not only about raw power; it also emphasizes durability and reliability. While some might be tempted to push the engine to its limits, Jeremy and his team have taken a balanced approach. They have built the engine to withstand even higher power levels, with the capacity to reach 650 horsepower at the wheels. By striking this balance between performance and longevity, the Turbo Buick Grand National Sleeper offers an impressive and reliable driving experience for enthusiasts.

Suspension and Chassis Enhancements

To complement the impressive power under the hood, the Turbo Buick Grand National Sleeper underwent significant upgrades to its suspension and chassis. One notable enhancement was the installation of a complete Ridetech coil-over suspension system. This system revolutionizes the car’s handling dynamics, providing superior control and responsiveness. With adjustable settings, the driver can fine-tune the suspension to suit their driving style and road conditions, ensuring an exhilarating and personalized driving experience.

The Ridetech coil-over suspension system is just one aspect of the comprehensive chassis upgrades performed on the Turbo Buick Grand National Sleeper. Jeremy and his team left no stone unturned in their quest for exceptional performance. The entire chassis was meticulously inspected, and necessary reinforcements were made to enhance rigidity and stability. These enhancements not only improve the car’s handling but also contribute to its overall safety and longevity.

The suspension and chassis upgrades on the Turbo Buick Grand National Sleeper extend beyond the coil-over system and structural reinforcements. Additional improvements include a true track rear end, providing enhanced traction and stability during aggressive acceleration. To further enhance braking performance, Willwood 14-inch front brakes and 12-inch rear brakes were installed. These upgrades ensure that the car can handle the impressive power generated by the engine while maintaining optimal control and safety on the road. With a fully upgraded suspension and chassis, the Turbo Buick Grand National Sleeper is a force to be reckoned with on both straightaways and twisty roads.

Wheels and Brakes

One of the distinguishing features of the Turbo Buick Grand National Sleeper is its choice of wheels. The car proudly showcases Weld Racing wheels, renowned for their exceptional quality and iconic design. These wheels perfectly complement the classic American muscle car aesthetics, adding a touch of style and aggression to its overall appearance. With their distinctive look and superior craftsmanship, the Weld Racing wheels not only enhance the car’s visual appeal but also contribute to its performance on the road.

In terms of braking power, the Turbo Buick Grand National Sleeper doesn’t disappoint. Upgrades were made to ensure efficient stopping capability, providing the driver with confidence and control. The car is equipped with 14-inch Willwood brakes in the front, delivering impressive stopping power and fade resistance. In the rear, 12-inch brakes were fitted to complement the overall braking system. These enhancements ensure that the Turbo Buick Grand National Sleeper can decelerate effectively, even when pushing its performance limits. With the combination of Weld Racing wheels and upgraded brakes, this muscle car maintains its iconic look while delivering reliable and powerful braking performance.

The Fascinating Dash Modification

One notable modification in the interior of the Turbo Buick Grand National Sleeper is the custom dash. The dash layout eliminates the need for multiple gauges, streamlining the overall appearance. It features a clean design with a central display that provides essential information at a glance. This modification enhances functionality and aesthetics, giving the car a more contemporary feel.

The Turbo Buick Grand National Sleeper utilizes the flexibility of modern fuel technology to optimize its performance. By incorporating a flex fuel system, the car can run on a variety of fuel types, including E85. This system allows for improved power output and efficiency while providing greater tuning capabilities. It’s a testament to how technology advancements have revolutionized the performance potential of vehicles like the Grand National.

Taking the Sleeper for a Spin

With the Turbo Buick Grand National Sleeper built to unleash its power, it’s time to experience the thrill of driving this incredible machine. The car’s acceleration, combined with its well-tuned suspension, creates an exhilarating driving experience that’s hard to replicate. The raw power, precise handling, and nostalgic charm of the Grand National come together to form a truly remarkable package.

When the driver plants their foot on the accelerator, the Turbo Buick Grand National Sleeper delivers an adrenaline-pumping acceleration. The feeling of being pushed back into the seat, accompanied by the mesmerizing sound of turbos spooling and blow-off valves, is an experience every automotive enthusiast craves. This V6 muscle car proves that it can hold its own against larger, more traditional V8 engines.


The Turbo Buick Grand National Sleeper is a prime example of the creativity and dedication of car enthusiasts. Combining classic aesthetics with modern performance enhancements, this V6 muscle car embodies the spirit of power and versatility. With its ability to produce up to 650 horsepower at the wheels, it proves that appearances can be deceiving, as it truly packs a punch under the hood.

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