’65 Mustang Coupe: The Ultimate Garage-Built Hot Rod

Four Speed Film's '65 Mustang Coupe Garage Built Hot Rod

If you are a fan of vintage hot rods and classic muscle cars, then you are in for a treat. In this article, we will be taking a closer look at Four Speed Film’s ’65 Mustang Coupe Garage Built Hot Rod. This beautiful car was brought to Autotopia LA by Ben, the owner of Four Speed Films, who is known for creating stunning car content on his YouTube channel.

A Brief History of the Car

According to Ben, he has owned this car since his sophomore year in high school, which means he has had it for over a decade. He was influenced by one of Sean’s cars, the producer Mustang Brothers, which he saw parked nearby. He was also inspired by the Hoonigan Gymkhana video featuring a Mustang tearing up LA, which motivated him to look for a Mustang of his own. After months of searching on OfferUp and Craigslist, his dad finally found this ’65 Mustang Coupe in a parking lot in the middle of the night. Although Ben was initially hesitant about the car because it was green and had some issues, his dad convinced him that it had good parts, including disc brakes, a V8 engine, and a cam.

Since then, Ben and his family have been working on this car in their backyard. They have fixed and replaced anything that broke, and they have added their personal touch to the car. Ben’s family has a history of hot rods and classic cars, but this ’65 Mustang Coupe was the first mid-60s car they worked on. Despite the challenges, Ben’s family has been a great help to him, making the whole experience enjoyable.

Engine and Transmission

The previous owner built the engine, which is a 289 cubic inch V8. The engine has been cammed and has a new Holley carburetor and plug wires. Ben does not know the exact horsepower of the engine, but he says that it is fun to drive around town. The transmission is a four-speed T10 with 3.80 gears and a posi rear end. Ben recently added a new clutch and upgraded to a hydraulic throwout bearing, which made a big difference in the clutch feel.

Suspension and Handling

To improve the handling and suspension of the car, Ben has made several modifications. He has installed coilovers in the front and lowered the upper control arm by an inch, thanks to the Shelby drop. The car has a beefier export brace and a Monte Carlo brace in the rear, as well as hot sleeve springs that lowered the car by about two inches. The rear sway bar helps to prevent wheel hop, which was an issue for Ben in the past.

Exterior and Interior

The ’65 Mustang Coupe has a beautiful exterior, which has been debadged, giving it a cleaner and sleeker look. Ben is going for a little Trans Am vibe, so he added a fiberglass front end with a hood and lower valance, which resembles a GT350. He also added a rear spoiler and side scoops, which give the car a more aggressive look.

The interior of the car has undergone a comprehensive transformation to cater to the performance-oriented nature of the build. Starting with the necessary safety measures, a custom roll cage has been meticulously installed. This roll cage not only provides enhanced protection but also adds structural rigidity to the car, further improving its handling capabilities. With the roll cage in place, the interior exudes a racing-inspired atmosphere, giving occupants a sense of being inside a high-performance race car.

To complete the race car feel, the interior features two racing seats that firmly hold occupants in place during spirited driving. These seats are designed to provide optimal support and comfort, ensuring that the driver and passenger can fully immerse themselves in the driving experience without compromising safety. Complementing the racing seats, a five-point harness system is integrated to further enhance occupant safety and stability. This combination of racing seats and harnesses not only contributes to the overall safety of the car but also intensifies the feeling of being connected to the car, allowing drivers to push its limits with confidence.

Additionally, Ben has added a custom center console to the interior, which serves as a hub for essential controls and instrumentation. The console houses the shifter, allowing for quick and precise gear changes, as well as gauges that provide vital information about the car’s performance. This thoughtful arrangement ensures that the driver has easy access to important controls and can monitor critical parameters without distraction. The custom center console adds a touch of functionality and organization to the interior, enhancing the overall driving experience.

With its stripped-down interior, custom roll cage, racing seats, and well-designed center console, the car’s interior exudes a purposeful and immersive atmosphere. Every detail has been carefully considered to prioritize safety, performance, and driver engagement. This interior configuration not only enhances the overall driving experience but also highlights the dedication and passion that has gone into creating a true race-inspired machine.


In conclusion, Four Speed Films’ ’65 Mustang Coupe is a fantastic example of a garage-built hot rod that embodies the spirit of the American car culture. The attention to detail, skilled craftsmanship, and dedication to preserving the classic look and feel of the Mustang are evident in every aspect of the build. The end result is a car that not only looks amazing but also performs exceptionally well, thanks to the upgrades made to the engine, suspension, and brakes. Overall, this ’65 Mustang Coupe is a true masterpiece and a testament to the passion and skill of the Four Speed Films team.

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