’71 Chevy Nova: Supercharged and Fully Customized for Ultimate Performance

'71 Chevy Nova: Supercharged and Fully Customized for Ultimate Performance

Hey there, car enthusiasts! Today, we have an exciting story to share with you about a full custom supercharged ’71 Chevy Nova that has undergone an incredible transformation. This project has been a dream in the making for over five years, and now it’s finally come to life. Join us as we delve into the details of this magnificent beauty and beast!

Engine Modifications

Under the hood of this stunning ’71 Chevy Nova lies a powerhouse. The car features an LS3 418 cubic inch engine that serves as the heart of this beast. To boost its performance even further, an upgraded supercharger pulley has been installed, allowing for increased boost and power delivery. The goal of this modification is to gradually push the horsepower output to reach new heights, currently sitting at around 600 horsepower at the wheels.

Exterior Customizations

When it comes to the exterior, this custom Nova stands out from the crowd. The body modifications and eye-catching paintwork have been meticulously executed by Ricardo Customs. The result is a visually striking appearance that turns heads wherever it goes. The car has also been equipped with upgraded wheels and tires, with a staggered setup featuring 19×12 inch wheels at the rear and 18×10 inch wheels at the front. This configuration not only enhances the car’s aesthetics but also improves traction for an exhilarating driving experience.

Interior Upgrades

Step inside, and you’ll be greeted by a beautifully crafted interior. TMI, a renowned upholstery company, has taken care of the interior upholstery and seats, ensuring both comfort and style. The custom dash and wiring have been expertly handled by Jason Scuttle, providing a clean and functional layout. Additionally, the car now features power windows and other interior enhancements, adding convenience and a touch of modernity to this classic muscle car.

Suspension and Chassis Enhancements

The suspension and chassis of this custom ’71 Chevy Nova have received significant upgrades to match its impressive power. Detroit Speed Engineering has provided the front suspension and rack and pinion steering system, ensuring improved handling and responsiveness. This setup allows the car to tackle corners with precision and stability, making it a true joy to drive.

At the rear, the suspension has been upgraded as well. Modifications include enhanced control arms, sway bars, and adjustable coilovers. These improvements work together to optimize traction and handling, ensuring that all that power is effectively transferred to the road. Wheel tub modifications have also been made to accommodate the wider rear wheels and tires, further enhancing the car’s performance and stance.

To complete the package, a Currie rear end has been installed, offering durability and strength to handle the increased power. Careful consideration has been given to selecting the appropriate gear ratio to optimize acceleration and top speed, ensuring that every drive in this custom Nova is an exhilarating experience.

Fuel System and Exhaust

A high-performance car like this requires a reliable and efficient fuel system. The custom ’71 Chevy Nova is equipped with Aeromotive fuel system components, ensuring consistent fuel delivery and stability. Additionally, the fuel system has been designed to be compatible with E85, providing flexibility in fuel choice. Teflon lines have been utilized for their durability and resistance to fuel corrosion, ensuring longevity and reliability.

In terms of the exhaust system, this Nova features Black Widow mufflers. These mufflers provide a deep and aggressive sound that perfectly complements the car’s muscular appearance. The exhaust system has been designed to maximize airflow and minimize restrictions, allowing the engine to breathe freely and unleash its full potential.

Additional Customizations

Beyond the major modifications mentioned, this custom ’71 Chevy Nova also boasts several other noteworthy customizations. Metal work and fabrication have been expertly done to ensure a seamless and clean look throughout the car. Special attention has been given to the trunk area, with custom upholstery and battery relocation for improved weight distribution.

The design elements of the car are not just for aesthetics but also for functional purposes. For example, the front splitter has been added to enhance aerodynamics and provide additional downforce, improving stability at higher speeds. The attention to detail and thoughtful approach to both form and function make this custom Nova a truly remarkable build.


In conclusion, Chevrolet is a well-known car manufacturer known for producing a wide range of vehicles, including muscle cars. Their models, such as the ’71 Chevy Nova, have gained popularity among car enthusiasts for their powerful performance and customized features. The Full Custom Supercharged ’71 Chevy Nova stands out with its unique modifications and impressive performance capabilities. With its sleek design and enhanced power, it captures the attention of those seeking a thrilling driving experience.

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