Iconic ’72 Nova with LSX Power: Setting New Standards

Iconic '72 Nova with LSX Power: Setting New Standards

When it comes to custom-built cars, the 1972 Nova owned by Me-mow is in a league of its own. With its striking appearance and exceptional performance, this car is a true automotive masterpiece. In this article, we will take a closer look at the journey Me-mow embarked upon to transform a stock car into a personalized work of art. From the initial condition of the vehicle to the meticulous customization process, we will explore every aspect that makes this LSX powered ‘72 Nova stand out from the crowd.

Background of the Car

Me-mow started with a decent 1972 Nova, but it lacked the look he desired. Determined to create something truly unique, he decided to take the car to another level. The car was stripped down to bare metal, and every nook and cranny was thoroughly inspected for rust. Me-mow’s attention to detail ensured that the car was a solid foundation for the customization that lay ahead.

Customization Process

The customization process was a labor of love for Me-mow. He carefully assembled every component, paying close attention to every detail. His vision for the car was clear from the beginning – a black and white theme that exuded a sense of menace and style. Me-mow’s dedication and craftsmanship brought his vision to life, creating a car that turned heads wherever it went.

Engine and Performance

Under the hood of this ‘72 Nova lies a powerful LSX engine. This steel block powerhouse delivers an impressive 475 to 485 horsepower. Me-mow’s choice of aftermarket components, such as the big beefy radiator and the high-performance suspension from CPP, ensures that the car not only looks stunning but also performs exceptionally well on the road. The combination of power and handling makes driving this car a thrilling experience.

Exterior Modifications

One of the standout features of Me-mow’s ‘72 Nova is the attention to detail in the exterior modifications. The blacked-out interior and trunk create a cohesive and menacing look. The custom wheels, with their unique Nova emblem, add a touch of style and individuality. Me-mow’s decision to extend the studs and use black lug nuts enhances the overall aesthetics. The ApS branding, elegantly integrated into the car’s design, is a testament to Me-mow’s commitment to his craft.

Interior Upgrades

Step inside the LSX powered ‘72 Nova, and you’ll be greeted by a carefully crafted interior. Me-mow opted for Corbeau seats that strike a perfect balance between comfort and sportiness. The use of leather and suede materials adds a touch of luxury to the cabin. The upgraded gauge cluster, featuring Dakota Digital technology, provides a modern twist while maintaining the car’s classic feel. Me-mow’s attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the interior design.

Driving Experience

Me-mow’s LSX powered ‘72 Nova offers more than just looks. The car delivers an exhilarating driving experience. The exhaust system, aptly nicknamed “Black Widow,” features 3-inch pipes that produce a distinctive growl. With a low gear ratio and ample torque from the LSX engine, this car is a beast on the road. Whether cruising through city streets or hitting the open highway, the LSX powered ‘72 Nova provides an unforgettable ride.


In conclusion, the LSX powered ‘72 Nova owned by Me-mow is a testament to the power of customization and personalization. From its meticulously rebuilt engine to its thoughtfully designed interior, this car showcases Me-mow’s unique style and taste. The LSX powered ‘72 Nova is a true work of art that combines classic aesthetics with modern performance. We hope you enjoyed this glimpse into the world of Me-mow and his remarkable car

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