Ford Galaxie 500: 427 SOHC Cammer Engine with 635HP NASCAR Power


Are you a fan of classic American muscle cars? If so, you’ll love the 635HP NASCAR powered Ford Galaxie 500 that we’re featuring in this article. This car is a true beauty, with a powerful 427 SOHC Cammer engine that was originally built in the mid-1960s to compete in NASCAR races.

The Story Behind the Car

We spoke with Bob, the owner of this stunning Galaxie, to learn more about the history of the car and the modifications that he and his team made to it. According to Bob, he bought the car primarily for the motor, which is a real 427 SOHC Cammer engine. Originally, he had planned to sell off the car, but after looking at it more closely, he and his team at Matranga’s Auto Body in Montebello, California, decided that they could do something special with it.

The Motor

The 427 SOHC Cammer engine was built by Ford to compete in NASCAR races in the mid-1960s. It was designed to turn 6000 RPMs for four to eight hours, depending on the length of the race. However, when Ford completed the project, NASCAR officials told them that they couldn’t use the engine unless it was in a production car. Since Ford didn’t want to take on the liability of producing a car with a 635 horsepower engine, the motor was never put into production.

The Modifications

Bob and his team at Matranga’s Auto Body wanted to make modifications to the car that would be subtle and wouldn’t take away from the style of the car itself. They decided to hand-build a steel hood that would look like it was done by Ford, but with a more eye-catching design. They also reworked the front bumpers to give them a sleeker appearance and to improve the car’s suspension.

The Interior

The interior of the car retains its classic charm, reminiscent of its original state from 1964, with a few tasteful modifications. The restoration team had the advantage of using the original interior as a reference, allowing them to recreate the timeless design with meticulous attention to detail. Collaborating with Gabe Lopez from Gabe’s Street Rod Custom Interiors in San Bernardino, California, they carefully selected new materials that perfectly matched the stock pattern, ensuring a seamless integration of the old and the new. This thoughtful restoration effort maintains the car’s authentic vintage appeal while enhancing its overall comfort and aesthetic.

Preserving the originality of the car extends to even the smallest details. The seat belts, for instance, still proudly feature the original Ford logo on the buckles, providing a nostalgic touch that harkens back to the car’s initial era. This attention to authenticity demonstrates the team’s commitment to honoring the car’s history and capturing the essence of its original craftsmanship. By retaining these original elements, the interior maintains a sense of genuine character that enthusiasts and collectors appreciate.

While the interior design largely mirrors the original, subtle updates have been made to enhance functionality and provide a touch of modern convenience. The dashboard, for example, has been upgraded with Classic Instruments gauges. This integration of modern instrument technology preserves the vintage appearance while improving accuracy and readability. The new gauges seamlessly blend into the classic dashboard design, offering a blend of nostalgia and modern functionality.

In summary, the interior of the car exudes the charm and elegance of its original 1964 design, meticulously restored to maintain its authenticity. The collaboration with Gabe Lopez ensured that the stock pattern was faithfully recreated with new materials, creating a seamless transition between old and new. The inclusion of original Ford logo seat belts and the integration of Classic Instruments gauges add an extra touch of nostalgia and functionality. The interior of this car perfectly balances vintage aesthetics with modern enhancements, creating a timeless and comfortable space for drivers and passengers alike.

The Ride

If you’re wondering how this car rides, Bob assures us that it’s one of the smoothest rides of any car in his collection. The car has a Roadster Shop chassis and an air ride system that gives it a smooth, comfortable ride.


In conclusion, the 635HP NASCAR powered Ford Galaxie 500 is a true American classic, with a rich history and an impressive amount of power under the hood. The modifications made by Bob and his team at Matranga’s Auto Body have only improved upon the car’s already impressive design, and the result is a car that any muscle car enthusiast would be proud to own.

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