Ford Galaxie ’64 Twin Turbo Custom Generates Over 1,000 HP

Custom Twin Turbo '64 Ford Galaxie Making Over 1,000 hp | Bones Fab

In this article, we will dive deep into the specs and features of the Custom Twin Turbo ’64 Ford Galaxie built by Bones Fab. This car is a masterpiece of engineering and customization that makes over 1,000 horsepower. From the motor to the chassis, we will go over everything you need to know about this beauty.


The Custom Twin Turbo ’64 Ford Galaxie is a stunning example of what can be achieved when expert fabrication, engineering, and design come together to create something truly exceptional. The car is the brainchild of Bones Fab, a custom fabrication and hot rod shop located in Camarillo, California.

The Build

Jim, the owner of Bones Fab, is the mastermind behind this build. He and his team worked tirelessly to bring this car to life, and their dedication and attention to detail are evident in every aspect of the build.

The Motor

The motor in this ’64 Galaxie is a reproduction 1965 bass 427 camera, originally designed for NASCAR back in 1965. It got outlawed before it was even allowed, making this car an incredible achievement in itself. The whole motor is a reproduction, meaning there’s not one Ford piece in this thing.

The blocking heads and front covers are Robert Pond, and it’s got a Sunny Bryant built crank in it. The CP gorilla rods and ET Pistons, comp cams cams, Manley valves, comp Springs, and t rockers on it are all the best of the best in the motor base.

The Intake and Intercooler

The intake and intercooler are both custom made by Bones Fab. They used all Holley EFI on the thing, including Holley injectors and Holley coils. The cool part is it’s old new; it’s actually quite unplug its drive-by-wire, and it’s electronic trans, which is pretty cool. It’s actually a GM for LED transient thing that’s all controlled by the Holley Dominator ECU.

The Turbos and Intercooler

The ’64 Galaxie is a true powerhouse, featuring a remarkable turbocharging setup that sets it apart from the crowd. Precision 75-millimeter turbos have been carefully chosen and skillfully installed to deliver impressive performance. These high-quality turbos ensure efficient air intake and create the necessary boost pressure to enhance the engine’s power output. But what truly catches the eye is the massive intercooler that accompanies this setup. Standing out among its counterparts, this Galaxie boasts an extraordinary intercooler with a six-inch thick Dell intercooler core. This substantial intercooler not only adds to the visual impact but also plays a crucial role in maximizing the engine’s efficiency.

The decision to equip the ’64 Galaxie with such large turbos and an oversized intercooler is a testament to the owner’s commitment to performance. By harnessing the power of forced induction, the car benefits from increased air intake, resulting in improved combustion and enhanced power delivery. The precise engineering of the turbos ensures that the engine receives a consistent and optimized air-fuel mixture, generating exceptional performance on the road.

The substantial Dell intercooler core further enhances the car’s performance capabilities. By efficiently cooling the compressed air before it enters the engine, the intercooler helps to increase the density of the intake charge, promoting greater power output. Its generous size and six-inch thickness indicate the car’s dedication to reducing heat soak and maintaining optimal operating temperatures, allowing for sustained high-performance driving.

In summary, the ’64 Galaxie stands out from the crowd with its impressive turbocharging setup and the remarkable size of its intercooler. The precision 75-millimeter turbos deliver a significant boost in power, enhancing the car’s overall performance. The oversized six-inch thick Dell intercooler core ensures that the engine receives cooler, denser air, optimizing combustion and promoting maximum power output. This combination of turbos and intercooler showcases the owner’s commitment to pushing the limits of performance, making the ’64 Galaxie a formidable force on the road.

The Power

The custom Twin Turbo ’64 Ford Galaxie built by Bones Fab produces over 1,000 horsepower. It makes 1,068 horsepower at 6,500 rpm on 91 octane at 11 pounds of boost. This was one of the few requirements the customer had on the car, and the Bones Fab team delivered.

The Chassis

The chassis is a work of art in and of itself. The forefront four feet of chassis is with an Art Morrison bikini clip. It’s got their a-arms, rack and pinion, and all the geometries right. The rear rest of the chassis was built in-house, and basically, the main frame rails are five by three by 187 wall, so it’s really heavy stout trying.

The Brakes

This car is equipped with 14 CH 6 systems on the front and 14 inches in the rear. It’s got JRI hydraulic boilers on it.


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