Unleashes the Power of the 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle SS: The Ultimate Sleeper

Galpin Auto Sports has done it again. This time, they’ve taken a classic ’69 Chevrolet Chevelle SS and given it a modern-day makeover while still keeping its iconic style intact. The result? A car that’s both a classic beauty and a modern muscle car in Sleeper Mode.

The Ultimate Sleeper

When you first look at this car, you might not think much of it. It looks like a well-preserved classic car that’s been given a fresh coat of paint. But under the hood, this Chevelle is a beast. Galpin Auto Sports replaced the original 396 engine with a 454 that’s been upgraded with a cts-v supercharger, allowing it to produce a whopping 800 horsepower. And that’s just the beginning.

A Muscle Car Makeover

To make this car handle like a modern sports car, Galpin Auto Sports made a number of upgrades to the suspension, including Hotchkiss still not coilover springs but Hotchkiss so better torsion bars all around, better shocks, and better springs. They also changed the gearing on the rear-end and replaced the turbo 400 trans with a four-speed automatic with an overdrive gear. The result is a car that can handle tight turns and high speeds with ease.

The Perfect Combination of Classic Style and Modern Performance

One of the things that sets this car apart is the attention to detail that Galpin Auto Sports put into it. The original air cleaner and 396 sticker were left intact, even though the engine was upgraded. The white-on-red color scheme is original, but the 17-inch wheels and disc brakes give it a modern touch. It’s the perfect combination of classic style and modern performance.

Unleash the Beast

Driving this car is an experience like no other. The engine roars to life with a deep growl that’s impossible to ignore. The car takes off like a rocket, and the suspension handles even the tightest turns with ease. It’s a car that demands respect on the road, and it’s sure to turn heads wherever it goes.


If you’re a fan of classic cars and modern muscle cars, Galpin Auto Sports’ ’69 Chevrolet Chevelle SS in Sleeper Mode is the car for you. With its iconic style and modern performance upgrades, it’s the ultimate sleeper that’s sure to impress even the most discerning car enthusiasts.

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